CROSSPOST: The Financial System Is Rigged | #EndTheFed

The Financial System Is Rigged | #EndTheFed

This is a crosspost of a rant on why we should #EndTheFed that’s been pinned on my Twitter for two years. It’s very short. Feel free to share it around, with anyone you want to open their eyes. The Fed and Treasury exchange worthless loans. These loans become the currency you use. Then they claim that … Read moreCROSSPOST: The Financial System Is Rigged | #EndTheFed

More Twitter Censorship? Meet Alisa.


I plan to use this site for many things, but a thing it seems to be being very useful for is covering apparent politically-driven censorship. So today, a story just fell in my lap when someone in a thread I was in got banned today. I have two pieces I’m putting out tomorrow, but today, … Read moreMore Twitter Censorship? Meet Alisa.