Hey, Environmentalists: Activism Is Not A Product

Hey, Environmentalists: Activism Is Not A Product

I have a question – do you know how calories work? For the uninitiated, a calorie is a unit of measurement for the amount of energy contained in foods. And every calorie we use is converted at least partially into a carbon byproduct. It’s the reason people blame cows for climate change. People like environmentalists. Environmentalists who need to be told something: activism is not a product.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it and been enraged.

“Hey, you!, Yes, you, citizen! You know that thing you’ve been doing? That thing you’ve been using? That thing you bought? It’s not good enough anymore! Not only that, but it will kill us all! The world is on fire, and you’re tipping a gas can, you bastard! But I can see your tears forming. So let me tell you all about OurThing™. Using the magical properties of OurThing™, you can opt out of your role in the apocalypse, and stop being the evil, subhuman garbage you are!”

And how much does it cost? WAIT, HOW MUCH?!?

It’s always much more than the competition, with very few exceptions, and sometimes, it’s even on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, meaning you don’t even get your OurThing™ immediately. It’s not developed yet. You have to wait, fund OurThing™, and then eventually, if they don’t scam you, take the money and run, you get to lord OurThing™ over social media proles who weren’t part of OurThing™.  But what’s a little virtue signaling if it saves the planet, and prevents extinction? What’s a little money in the face of human continuance?

Well let’s start with that money. More appropriately, let’s start with the people who extract it.

It’s almost ubiquitously known that the environmental movement is overwhelmingly left-of-center. A lot of these people are the sort who normally complain that the wealthy exploit the poor. They bemoan the idea that 1% of the world’s wealth is held by less than 1% of the population. And y’know? That’s a reasonable thing with which to be concerned. They complain that a 1%er can barely do anything and make a 99’s year of salary. So they know the common person’s wealth disparity.

They also know one of the common underlying factors for the worst things for the environment (according to carbon and other pollutant emissions) is how cheaply made it is. Not only do cheap things break, filling landfills, and causing wasteful, nonrenewable, and unsustainable production cycles, but the most durable, reusable, and renewable products, which includes OurThing™, are frozen out of the lower classes, and entirely blocked from the lowest. Why does this matter?

Well, this means that any movement based around OurThing™ will require a lot more work from the commoner than a rich person. This work will be at entry level jobs, typically as part of that bottom level of the economy. Filling landfills, and causing wasteful, nonrenewable, and unsustainable production cycles, will all be encouraged by the common person imitating the culture of what could be termed “Woke Capitalism” so many on the left brandish.

And why did I bring up calories? Because the commoner consumes food. And the more work they do, to afford these products, the more they consume. The more calories they burn, the more emissions are created. And that’s not even accounting for the gas in their cars (if they can afford one), the fuels burned for their tech, and more. And I don’t fault them either; honestly, if you fault poor people for participating, and not just curling up and dying, fuck you, you servile worm. I hope you burn.

But I used to be one of the people that though we could change green for Green, and that OurThing™ could solve all OurProblems™. Then I found skepticism. Years ago, because of my participation in a verboten hashtag, I happened across a YouTuber called Thunderf00t, real name Phil Mason. He has a series of videos on this subject I’d implore you to watch.

But he posited a notion I’d never considered before – how much energy goes into what we do? A good example is a vid he did more recently. A bike which offered free electricity in exchange for your exercise? Sounds interesting. Until he did the math and found out that there’s nothing free about the energy, and the amount generated was pitifully low. Also, the amount of calories meant it was essentially energy negative. For those of us who know about how calories and emissions work – enough to remark on cow flatulence – we know that negative energy production from high consumption levels will do exactly bupkis for the environment, and will actually cause more problems if you believe carbon is a problem (some people don’t). Good thing the guy behind it didn’t sell any. But for such a “great product”, it doesn’t have a webpage anymore, the video is unlisted, and the Twitter hasn’t tweeted since January.

Sort of like this carbon storage bracelet – carbon was necessary to get it to stick together, and it doesn’t even trap it for long, much less forever. Trees are a much better storage method, but even they eventually break down. And at a MINIMUM of $85 – you read that right – for a fucking bracelet, how much carbon would the commoner have to spend to trap some in a stupid wrist bracelet? How much could be trapped if they sent $85 to TeamTrees, instead? These trendy greenbros act like they’re helping the environment, but at what cost? How much money are pious environmental cultists throwing, hand over fist, at this and other good-on-paper OurThings™?

And by “environmental cultists” I’m not remotely exaggerating, nor am I being unnecessarily insulting. That’s precisely what these people want you to be. Giving alms, participating in rites and rituals… just watch Truthstream Media’s latest doc, The Myth Of Extinction, for more. They demand your labor, the capitulation of whole economies, and the reformatting of your life, for the highly manufactured, tightly controlled “greater good” of the globe, to support the lifestyle they appoint for us all. What’s an unnecessary, counterproductive, eighty-five dollar fashion accessory, amounting to nothing more than rocks on a string, compared to the aversion of humanity to their total demise? You wouldn’t want to be part of TheProblem™, would you?

I think you’ll find that, if anything, I’m underselling the sick marketing these scumbags push. Just look at literally any green “innovation”. With very few exceptions, they’re more expensive. In many cases, the higher expense makes it worse for the environment than the supposed benefit it provides, and amounts to nothing more than an expensive virtue signal for an “influencer” to flaunt.

I want to remind people of a Bible passage. Turn to Luke 21 – it’s right there at the beginning.

And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. And he said, “Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.”And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts, he said,As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”

Why is this relevant? Well, next time you see someone with all the latest trendy green tech, just remember – it’s not about how much you spend, or how wealthy you are on the surface. It’s about what goes into that wealth, and how much it actually helps. Don’t get an $85 bracelet, or the latest trendy thing, just because the inventor did a press circuit. The media lies. And don’t just participate in whatever movement happens to have support from your favorite influencers. They are the priests of a new religion. A cult comprised of cults of personality. They will steal your soul, telling you it wasn’t carbon neutral, and get you to then apologize for being soulless.

OurThing™ will not solve OurProblems™, and if anything ever comes close, it will have to be competitively priced to the cheap things commoners are already producing and using. Good luck with that. The proles power the machine, not Davos elitists, cushed up in posh ivory towers, and in the end, rivers of blood flow from atop those towers, as a great ritual obelisk to all those sacrificed for the “greater good”. Know this: they see you as cattle, and see no problem leading you to the slaughter, all while manipulating your guilt and absorbing all your petty cash so you have no economic power to subvert their will.

Also remember this axiom – every law is a lifted gun. They may allow voluntary participation for now, but someday, it will be illegal not to bend to their will. The Bilderberg meetings always precede massive shifts in policy, and the last meetings were heavily about shifts in environmental policy. When  they make the laws, anyone who doesn’t capitulate will literally need to risk life and limb in order to resist. It’s amusing that people who claim to be rebels are pushing us ever-toward a superstate – the real rebels will need to fight them, or better yet, tear down the power stuctures they so readily helped build.

However, manufactured conflict, and the trappings that brings, are the entertainment which preoccupies elites the most. It’s no wonder these climate protests are being so well-funded by billionaires. Paying for a show is commonplace, and a few million here and there is, to them, the same as a concert ticket to you. This is another rat race. A circus, meant for the entertainment of sick people, watching us attack each other, rather than ever aiming our barrels upward to the top of their towers – and we will all die, but it will not be the climate which kills us – rather, a bloodlust-driven army of self-descriptively “benevolent” psychopaths, trained by the state to perform evil for the “greater good”, and preparing the latest-unwilling to be the next to the grinder. When consumerism meets environmentalism, we become the product to be shelved. A new chattel slavery, on a soon-global tax farm.

Activism is not a product. And Soylent Green is people.


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