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Welcome to a series where I go over a blocklist I was added to, or one someone sent me! What is a blocklist, you ask? A blocklist is a thing primarily used by idiot cowards to remain both. It’s a way for a social media user on a site with API to use that to help people blindly build echo chambers… a public list of people that anyone can “subscribe” to, in order to automatically block anyone an account in control of one blocks, up to 125,000 accounts. Today, we’ll be exploring @net_crnet, and what their list entails.

 “But I knew that already!” Cool skip to now in the article then. I’ll be looking at peoples’ accounts from behind a private window, since obviously, all of them block me. In case you didn’t know, that’s an easy way to circumvent a block. The only way it doesn’t work is if someone puts their account on “Protected” status. The following user has not. Yet. After this comes out, though… they might have to.

Today’s PHD candidate is a three year old account currently posting primarily in Japanese. The following is a screenshot of her profile. Bask in the “glory” of her “aesthetic”.


Now, this is a new series, on a new site, but if I don’t get fed metal for some of the stuff I’m gonna say, you’ll see a lot of these kinds of people – especially after I start kicking over their sandcastles like this.

One common theme you might notice is that these people seem like the sort you might actually not mind being blocked by. I mean shit – she has her blocklist listed as her website, and a mark of pride in her bio. If that’s your highest achievement, then one could only hazard a guess as to how useless you are. But remember something – people can subscribe to these.

Not only that, but each list has an option to export it as a CSV (comma separated value list), and manually import it into a Twitter account’s block settings. So even though BlockTogether only lets you subscribe to a list if it has 125,000 accounts or less as members, it’s still possible for the less slothful sheep to baaa their way into bliss using them. But let’s get to this account, shall we?

The User

So even though I don’t speak Japanese or know Hiragana, I still want to talk about this, so I’ll be employing Google Translate as a middleman.

The first line in her bio? “I want to manage rapists with those who are bullying”. So… bullies and rapists. Fun – I’m lumped in with those. It continues, “Let’s freeze the annoying people ! Will help!” That extra space in there is useless, and stops her sentence from being grammatically correct – she could’ve said “I will help” if she’d managed characters better. So you can tell she either definitely doesn’t speak English, and is doing the opposite of what I’m now doing in order to type this, or trying hard to act like it. Neither is better for her case. She then finishes, “Here it is not genuine, but I will stick to it regularly”. That has to be a bad translation, so I’m gonna assume she’s saying something like “this isn’t me, but I’ll try to update it regularly”. So… off to a stunning start.

The Connections

She spams a link pretty regularly, that leads to this site, which is presumably her own Navier blog, where she posted an explanation of how to use the thing. I used Google Translate’s page translate functionality to read it. At an amazing grand total of two favs out of a whopping total of 27814 views in three years, which coincides with the account’s creation, and presumably the creation of the list itself, the fact that so few people give a shit must upset them.

The description of the post is as follows, “Cooperate and freeze unsolicited accounts tool! How to use Block Together! Some people do spam tweeting, annoying, stalking on Twitter? To be honest, reporting to operation is an empirical rule, but the effect is thin. . . Then, let ‘s cooperate and freeze everyone! It is an introduction of such a tool!” So, to be clear, she’s suggesting blocking accounts which do not violate terms because reporting them didn’t do well enough. Then, she continues by telling people to subscribe, without giving any criteria for people to be added to the list, saying “Let’s cooperate with you guys to repair bad accounts! !”

So, to be clear, she wants you to trust her, implicitly, with the interactions you have on your account, and provides precisely no guarantees that any account added will actually be worth your block. Asinine right? Also, people added are annoying, stalking, spamming, harassing, bullying, raping, bad people. Trust her – she knows. So what about this list of evil people (in which I’m included), then?

The List

User @net_crnet is blocking 218371 users on Twitter (updated a day ago). Showing 500 per page.This block list is too big to subscribe to. Maximum block list size for subscriptions is 125,000.

Whoops. Guess she forgot to make the list usable in her zeal to block over double the max occupancy. But idiot cowards will be idiot cowards. Maybe if someone who’s not blocked let her know about this article, she could actually make it usable so she’s not just a bloviating, dipshit, cunt. I think she’d most likely just block you too, though. Which, at this point, wouldn’t even work for anything automated, because she’s neutered the list from additional subs. Now here’s a random sampling of page one to give you an idea of just how dumb this liar is.

Meet @suitsmindpalace: “Intersectional Feminist. Writer and Translator. My privileges are white and male. Transgender (he/him), working class.”

Meet @DracoRigel – “Interest include #Astronomy, #Microbiology, #Environment, #Nature, #Cats, #FBR, #BlueWave, #GeeksResist”

Meet @MathsParty_MPA – “Mathematicians’ Party of Australia”

Meet @EsotericExposal – “The Occult, Symbolism, Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Religion, Magick, Mysticism, Demonology, Ancient Mysteries, TRUTH.”

Meet @Lonernova – “19. He/They pronouns preferred bls. Big Bisexual Communist. 18+ only. I’m depressed as fuck.”

So… you get an idea. She’s lying. She’s blocking many people who do not deserve the stigma which comes with being a member of her list. Find someone you know who’s on the list, and send em this article, or tag em in the post, to let them know they’re being lumped in with annoying, stalking, spamming, harassing, bullying, raping, bad people. But wait – there’s more!

The Abuse

So when I went through the account in question, I noticed a common theme: for an account theoretically there to prevent spam, this person spams. A lot. Not only does she spam her link with the instructions on how to avoid spam, but she spammed something else. When I Google translated it, I felt uneasy about leaving it at that, because this is what I saw.


I wanted to verify some stuff, so I put out the call. Yeah, I was up late. So I got a couple responses, both of whom wish to remain anonymous, and the first was someone just learning Hiragana, so he relied heavily on a translation app. If you’ve seen my email interview series, you know how I post convos, but to the uninitiated, I do it by asking my questions in bold, and posting their responses as a blockquote.

Not 100% sure if I’m connecting these well, but I guess then, she’s accusing him of being a rapist, with an affinity for little girls?

Yes. That’s it. First sentence she calls him a sex offender. Second is (he) has raped. Third sentence seems to say he likes young girls who are close to him. But I’m not a pro translator and I’m relying on my app pretty heavily. [Also] I’m blocked. No idea why.

Well, she’s been accusing this guy, nonstop, for months. She runs a blockbot, and you’re a member. So am I – that’s why I’m talking about her. Good to know I’m not far off. BTW do you have time for another translation?

It was at this point I posted the bio to the account of the accused, because similarly, Google Translate was not kind to Japanese here either. Get on that, Alphabet – you won’t keep getting CIA money otherwise. Anyway…


Yeah… wasn’t gonna leave it alone.

That one’s a lot more complicated. It’s a bunch of screenshots and a lot of it isn’t clear to me. Do you want them?

Nah – do you have a gist tho? It seems like he traffics hentai, maybe… I just don’t want to misrepresent him.

I really couldn’t understand enough to tell. He does seem to have an alternate account. Managed to get a look at that first account and it just looks like a bot to promote that blocking tool. That was my take, anyway.

So… that was the first translator. This was the other.

Hey man. I can help with any Japanese translation you might need. If the other guy already helped that’s cool. But in case in the future I don’t mind helping out. Been in Japan over a decade and speak/read/write it fairly well. Just let me know.

Actually yes – the other guy is still in learning mode, and was essentially using a translation app as an anchor. Would be very helpful to get eyes-on. One moment.

I copy/pasted my initial questions to the other here.

Wow that’s pretty serious.

It is if it’s true. Other guy seems to think it’s an accusation of raping her, and being a pedo.

Basically “There’s a sex offender! I was raped. He likes little girls from Kindai (place near Osaka I think). Help me!” Only thing I was sure was “Kindai” 近大 I think it’s a town or uni near Osaka. Wasn’t sure.

Any more context? Was the person who sent it the victim? Because the last half does say the accused likes little girls (pedo)

No context – just an accusation by someone hiding behind a block. Automated tweet posted two or more times a day. It’s one of the reasons I’m writing this. I’m on the blocklist, and so is the other translator, though we’ve never spoken to them, and the whole thing is shady. False accusations of rape hit men almost every time with no proof, and either way, she’s breaking TOS, getting away with it, and smearing myself and others along with him. I’m gonna try to be sensitive about it in case it’s true, but the rest of it is gloves off. Being a victim doesn’t give someone an excuse to create new ones. This is the accused. BTW what does the accused’s bio say?

The bio just says they were part of the school band and their YouTube is just them playing bad songs. Does link to a secret 2nd twitter tho. But that acct has hardly any tweets.

Can you give me a close direct translation?

Of the bio?

Yeah – something I can use directly.

Ok bio coming in a bit. Just looking thru tweets. They have some sort of questionnaire site they answer from. Seems like a dude by language used. Dropout. Talk of dating high school girls.

Well if you could give me a translation of some evidence to the effect of him dating high school girls as an adult, I’d def be interested.

At this point, he sends me a screencap of a question received on what appears a Japanese equiv of Ask.fm, Peing.

The question asks if he’s thought of doing a JK which is high school girl. He says the question is too frank and to DM him about it.

Gotcha. Def suspicious, but not enough to accuse.

That’s what I gather. Lot of netspeak. I’ll look a bit more. [The bio says] “Former concert band. I’m crap and don’t want to negatively effect you all so I only do a little. The link is to my shitty song videos. Critical comments relieve stress so it might be OK. Here’s the link to my second account only if you’re interested.” The second account says location is in Osaka.

He sends another screenshot at this point.

This tweet is kinda sketch. The question says roughly “did you really even follow the law?” And he responds with “I won’t be found out so I’m safe”. But the parentheses says it’s a joke you can’t laugh at which could mean he’s just playing. It’s kind of netspeak I think so not sure about that. Lots of weird double meanings on JP twitter unfortunately. But I’d go by what he said the parentheses part is minor.

Gotcha. Well thanks for the help – I didn’t want to get this part wrong, in case there was something to it.

Yeah I gotcha. Hope I helped somewhat. There’s one more thing I found where someone says if his girlfriend is JK he has a “lolicon” or young girl fetish (doesn’t mean much as there is manga here that depicts that). But anyway hope it was useful.

Certainly – I’ll shoot you the link when I post it.

Cool. Thanks.

So that all sounds pretty bad.

If it’s true, I hope he’s somehow brought to justice. It’s a shame she couldn’t have just come to me to do the story on this, rather than put me on her toxic, useless blocklist. I know some of the people on the list, and she’d have some allies in her fight against this rapist pedo, if that’s indeed what he is. And I know what trauma can do to someone… it can make them lash out, and act like there are villains in all the shadows – so maybe, she really is a victim, and took a scattershot approach to preventing further abuse. If so, she has my sympathy in that regard.

But let’s make something clear – a common vein of these list is to hijack an important issue in order to make the list seem like a worthy and noble cause. I still don’t even know if this guy is guilty, and her posts did precisely jack-nothing to change that. And while she’s hurling accusations at a potentially legitimate seeming target, presumably through a block, not only is she violating Twitter’s TOS, but she’s also spamming people who follow an “anti spam” bot (ironically), and smearing everyone in her list as competitively evil. That’s no good.

So it was a somewhat difficult choice to make, but I decided to publish this piece anyway, even though she might be a legitimate victim. If you like in or near Osaka, and you know this person, maybe hit me up. If you’d like to hit up the accused, and let him know I could interview him, as well, up to you. Either way, holy shit – this took way longer than I expected. Tune in for more, regularly. This site is gonna get insane.

So I was gonna write something more complicated a few days ago, on an entirely different subject, but partway through research I was like “nah… I’ll do something easy – like my new blocklist series”. At that point, I embarked on an unexpected days-long journey to get this piece done. As of writing this, my articles have made me no money. I’d love it if you could help change that, so I can eat, and pay rent.

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