If #AnarchoCoalitionism is a plague, I’ll gladly spread it.

#AnarchoCoalitionism is a PLAGUE

So as promised, here’s the vid, along with ts description and the show script. Can’t fit all this in a YT description, so here we are.   Hoploo wanted “revenge”, but all he got was an excuse for me to take down a critic of my idea: AnarchoCoalitionism. That being a coalition of anyone willing … Read moreIf #AnarchoCoalitionism is a plague, I’ll gladly spread it.

Another fucking website? You bet!

I’m Jeremiah Harding, and it’s [CURRENTYEAR2019]. If you’re here, you probably know me if you don’t, leave now – there’s still time! No? Still here? Fucking… okay, well then… Introduction I’ve been on the internet since my senior year of highschool. Not much to be said for my presence then though… although I did have … Read moreAnother fucking website? You bet!