#AnarchoCoalitionism is a PLAGUE

If #AnarchoCoalitionism is a plague, I’ll gladly spread it.

So as promised, here’s the vid, along with ts description and the show script. Can’t fit all this in a YT description, so here we are.


Hoploo wanted “revenge”, but all he got was an excuse for me to take down a critic of my idea: AnarchoCoalitionism. That being a coalition of anyone willing to end the state, it’s a little amusing when any “anarchist” is opposed, but if I’m honest, I’ve come to expect “anarchists” who hate one “side” more than they hate the state, which is why I started AnCoal to begin with. So far be it from me to turn down a swing when it’s teed up.

I promised this for awhile, but recently made a promise to have it out before March was over. This is me keeping that promise. Hoploo’s entire disjointed rant did nothing to dismiss any idea I have, and amounted to nothing more than a demonstration he knows nothing about AnComs. And to be clear, before anyone on either “side” decides to pitch a victory mast, and wave a flag of victory, I’m not AnCom. But if my ideas are going to be challenged – if this could even be considered that – and this is the lynchpin, I have to hammer it in here. Main reason I didn’t put this in the video is because I want to see how many people have an apoplectic fit that I’m explaining anarcho-communism through their points, rather than through the relic unearthed eyes of McCarthy, because they ignored info available to them. It seems many people would rather be factually inaccurate than red, too…

So relax, and watch me dismantle someone just like that. If you want to watch his video first, here it is.

I’ll be posting the show script and relevant links in the morning. I waited all night for this thing to export and upload and I’m tired as fuck. I’d even release this in the morning, if I hadn’t promised it sooner. Anyway, it’s not April Fools Day where I am yet, so I can still post this. Let’s.

And by the way… the song? Kai Engel: Plague. You’re welcome.

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So since around this time last year, I’ve been pushing an idea around – anarchocoalitionism. It’s a militant, organized form of panarchy, and operates by forming a general coalition of any anarchist willing to participate, and forming sub-coalitions to accomplish certain shared goals. So naturally, this brings out the midwits from the woodwork, seeping up from the floorboards as an amorphous paste to tell me “you can’t work with x group – they aren’t REAL anarchists!” This is the most advanced case of that cancer, in the form of a video by a guy who perpetually sounds like he’s choking on a… something. In it, he conflates all communists with Marxists, ignores ancom principles, ignores the history of Rothbard, claims that anyone who supports property rights is “Rothbardian”, and in general, shits all over the board, knocks over all the pieces, and declares victory. So I’m going to dismantle and demolish everything he says, and prove this pedantic pond scum for what he is. To give you some flavor, this is the current description.

After a series of unpleasant conversations with the man of whom pushes terrible ideas and continues to bathe himself in some of the worst aspects of the old and outdated “Skeptic Community”, Hoploo decides enough is enough… about three months ago when this actually happened but before the everything… and decides to take animated REVENGE against Jeremiah Harding, and to thrash his absolutely ridiculous idea of “Anarcho-Coalitionism”, an idea as dumb if not more dumb than its name.

Of course, Hoploo does not deny the fact that not all the individuals of whom suffer being plagued with membership in this movement are anything but bad people, as well as the fact that tribalism between ideologies is a truly stupid idea and that friendship between people even with different ideologies is something that the earth desperately needs, however, for reasons explained in the video, Hoploo does not believe that Anarcho-Coalitionism is the best way to achieve such.

Either way, please enjoy this video as Hoploo perambulates into the plaguish idea that is Anarcho-Coalitionism!

That was the description, and it should give you an idea of the kind of person here. Already, before you even hit play, he’s excessively using filler words, and writing in the key of “veteran fanfic author”. I mean, come on… “the man of whom pushes terrible ideas”? “The individuals of whom suffer being plagued with membership in this movement?” “As well as the fact that”? It’s like he copied a homework assignment with a minimum word threshold. But I digress. So without further ado, let’s hit the video.

Sprin is someone I’d consider myself having animus toward – you? Mild frustration, but mostly nothing. I mostly make people WANT to be enemies with me. Like the kind who makes a video calling my idea of positive change a “plague”. Seems like you’d rather be my enemy than the other way around, to be honest. I’m an enemy magnet though – it’s understandable. Anyway…

You misunderstand the point of AnCoal. It isn’t just to combine into one group… it’s to have a primary coalition understood, and subcoalitions for various goals. I do suppose I should make a video explaining this in more detail, but your surface level dismissals are facile at best. We’re not always going to agree with each other… that’s absurd. We can, however, work together where it works, and AnCoal seeks to build bridges wherever possible. It also seeks to shrug the image that many anarchists have been trying for, where we’re all supposed to be a bunch of peaceniks in the face of the totalitarian state. I put it this way – “anarchocoalitionism is militant, organized, panarchy”. Pacifists are obviously welcome, but so are the enraged. And that’s why I chose the logo I did… it’s not grandiose, and it’s not colored with a color any of the primary schools of anarchy claim. It’s a small amount of light, contrasted with a black background comprising most of the image. It’s a mostly dark image, with the contrast being the light, metaphorically and rhetorically valuable to the message. And it has a gun. Huey Newton put it well… “Sometimes, if you want to get rid of the gun, you have to pick up the gun.” The gun is a symbol of popular liberation, and I won’t let that be forgotten.

At 2:00 you completely detonate the rest of your argument, while also shooting the voice of reason in your video. I know this is meant to be played for laughs, but really, my entire response video could’ve just been this clip, with the theme for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in back. The world’s politics run on memes anyway, so I could’ve – but fortunately, you’re dealing with a pontificating asshole with a brevity problem. So after you disagree with the character in your video that’s correct, I’ll continue.

The lynchpin of your counter is that panarchism requires voluntarism. No shit. But then you go on to conflate all Communists with Marxism, fold your arms, and declare victory, when in fact, non-Marxist communism is something one can Google, and even has it’s OWN ENTIRE SECTION in the Wiki entitled “List of communist ideologies”.


Notably, after it gets done listing 13 schools of Marxist communism which require outright statism or a statist transition period, you get to this section, and what’s the first subheading? Anarchist Communism! How amazing that anarchist communism is not a part of the communism what’s manifesto is always used to justify that which isn’t anarchy?

Under this subheading you find out about Peter Kropotkin, syndicalist communes, and the next subheading of Christian communism, all involving statelessness, and pushing for a stateless society.

Almost like the Marxists aren’t who I’m trying to convince. Almost like your video is a strawman against the one reason you cherry-pick to dislike AnCoals… that it wouldn’t let you just dismiss anyone but your friends in Anarchist Youtube ™, or on Twitter. Almost like the existence of authentic anarchist communism pokes holes in a lot of the “memes” you lot share around. Almost.

But this would mean that simply donning the Black and Yellow doesn’t win you the debate already, and as we’re about to see, you aren’t on board with that change quite yet.


This point of property is a strawman that many AnCaps blythely take at face value. However, the reason AnComs joke about taking your toothbrush is precisely because they know it gets under the skin of whoever accepts this without any scrutiny. Anarchist communism is not opposed to personal property, but private. In anarchist communes, you’re either entitled to whatever was agreed to upon entry, and whatever you can make with your labor, or a cut of what the community produces, providing you work as a part of that production. Not all communists want to abolish property, as a whole, and in fact, a small minority comprise those who do. Even smaller still is that percentage under AnCom ideas, who want that. They instead believe surplus labor (profit) to be a source of exploitation, and when you conflate all types of property with one another? Well Alexander Berkman put it this way… “Yet you are asked to believe that you, the workers, have the same interests as your exploiters and robbers! Can any one but a downright fool be taken in by such a plain fraud?”


Read Berkman’s “What Is Communist Anarchism”. While you may shake your head a lot in disagreement, what you can’t do is find advocacy of statism, quite the opposite. Adherents to AnCom ideas often echo Berkman, claiming “Provisional Governments” are not improvements on Capitalism, but a downhill drive. More examples of this mindset exist, but I want this vid to be under 20 minutes, or it’ll take all day to upload with fucking HugesNet.

But your privatization propaganda has my inner Berkman coming up anyway, as many believe little could be done to mitigate monopolist disputes if certain things weren’t considered “non-private”, and Rothbard cucked to the rightist state before he died anyway. See my piece on his “unleash the cops” comment, and how his politics at the time of issuing that comment were surrounded by a phalanx of impatience-driven, Right Wing Populism. His view may have at one point been anarchist-adjacent, but his is a cautionary tale of what happens when you hate the left more than the state.

“Unleash The Cops”: Yes, Rothbard Really Did Mean It

Still, I can’t help but notice that again, you conflate all communism with Marxism, and refuse to acknowledge the distinction AnComs make between private and personal property. This is a fatal error in successful counterargument, and you’d realize that if you actually studied AnCom ideology. You’ve made it clear you haven’t. In order to run a successful coalition, it takes people who’ve looked into the various schools of anarchy enough to know what they advocate, and not strawman like this. It’s not lost on me how someone who hasn’t looked into the various schools of anarchy would think AnCoal is impossible. If the breadth of your philosophy is internet memes, and you try for the big boy conversations, you’re gonna have a bad time.


At 4:08, you ask a question easily answerable by the AnCom position… do they have the right to seize the property produced by a neighboring “tribe”? NO! They are not the worker who produced that, nor are they the community they might think it belongs to. Your example is a BURGER for fuck’s sake, and that would never be something an AnCom would consider seizing anyway, it obviously being the food a worker produced, and needs to live. What a bougie thing it would be to steal it from his mouth! Might as well wear a tophat and call yourself Rockefeller.

And let me ask, Hoploo – did anyone answer “yes”? Didn’t think so. But even if someone had, a bad actor doesn’t invalidate a whole system, you clod. If that’s the case, all systems are impossible, as is demonstrated by some of the shitheads I’ve dealt with in your camp. Like Sprin, who by this point, has already REEE’d himself into a coma over me quoting Huey Newton earlier in this vid, and proceeding to give AnComs a fair shake, like he did when I quoted the guy before…


Because Sprin is a great example of “your brain on internet”. Like when he supported a video of a guy apparently being attacked by a royal guard because he was taunting him.

Or when he asserted with no evidence, proper case, spelling, or punctuation “forced capitalism is a contridiction in terms”.

Or when he said all forms of communism must be beaten back. A tweet you liked. Without knowing about or acknowledging all forms of communism “to insure a state does not form”.

But beating back communism is not an insurance that a state won’t form. It’s not even insurance that the state you hate won’t form. People will wonder why you’re beating people, instead of just letting their ideas fail, if you’re so convinced they will.

But I digress. Wouldn’t have brought up Sprin, but you wanted him in the video, and you wanted a response vid, so here we are.

You then go on to say that anyone who respects property rights is Rothbardian. How utterly laughable. How completely wrong. How absurd to assign the concept of property, existent for millennia, to a man who died less than fifty years ago, and then claim that the only way to support property is to be Rothbardian. And I could even go into discrepancies with Rothbardian property respect, but I’ve already demolished this point. Supporting property is not equal to being Rothbardian. Period. And again, not all communists are Marxist. And AnComs don’t want to steal a worker’s food. So your binary sucks ass. You say “I shouldn’t even have to explain this shit”, but I’ve yet to see adequate explanations. Lots of great examples of how to overuse filler words though.

Another cornerstone down. Gotta real tippy tower to stand on now, and only three minutes left. Let’s hit it.


You go on to falsely claim, because of your binary, which sucks, that because AnComs are wrong, all other anarchists but AnCaps are also wrong. You’re just lazy. Plain and simple. A lazy person bent on impatiently cutting to conclusions, would obviosuly ignore mutualists, syndicalists, pacifists, transhumanists, agorists, and all other flags on your poorly drawn globe, and you’re lazy. You even SHOWED the “Anarchy without adjectives” symbol, which STILL isn’t a complete list, and ignored all but TWO. My list, combined with queer anarchy and green anarchy, is STILL not complete. But by all means, ignore information YOU PUT IN YOUR OWN VIDEO. Lazy fuck. Your binary sucks.

And since your binary sucks, you begin pontificating on how poorly it went when AnCaps tried to align with fascists, as though that’s the same thing, or in any way meaningfully comparable, while ignoring the history of the man you spent most of the video fellating, who spent his last years doing just that. Further, Rothbard wrote as early as 1950 that anarchy was too leftist a term, and that libertarians ought not call themselves anarchist. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.


So no, anarchists don’t necessarily support your or Rothbard’s positions, nor does any propertarian need also be Rothbardian. Now let’s watch your tower fall.


I never once recommended pampering or watering down, and in fact, if anyone diluted and deluded anything here, it’s you – you and the fakeass crowd who baselessly pushed against my ideas, and did so without the slightest modicum of research or rigor, and without asking me questions that could’ve avoided you making dumbfuck, self-embarrassing videos like this to begin with. You’re not here for the truth. You’re here to foist yourself on the legitimacy of others without any of the work, and stand atop it at once, like the mountain you had your poorly drawn characters climbing. And I gotta say, this whole thing was pretty poorly drawn, and seems like the bastard child of Odd1isOut and Kurzgesagt, pushed through a cheese grater, and left too long on the high setting in the microwave. And that’s not even getting into the voice.

But art and intellectual criticism aside, I hope I’ve given you something to consider, because even though you thought you’d get “revenge”, and failed miserably, amounting to little more than a pedantic white knight for a guy who made and likely makes a habit of going out of his depth, your response is the most complete anyone has given, and for that, I respect you. A little. Like, a nickel of a dollar’s worth. And either way, thanks for calling it a plague. If my ideas can become plagues in a matter of months, I must be great at viral ideas… a living meme. That’s why I don’t care if you, PewDiePie, or anyone else, wants to pretend that somehow my appearance has bearing on my points. Go ahead. Like Queensryche said… you’re just spreading the disease.

You go on to say that Ron Paul has done more for liberty – and I agree. He’s also 83. Let me become 30, and we’ll maybe start comparing the two of us. Right now, you’re using a great man as a cudgel for your scribbly coloring book of a video. I’d ask you if you had any shame – but we all know you don’t. So… where was I? Oh yeah… I have a plague to spread.

Anyway, if you appreciated that, and want to see more videos like it, please support the content by any of the donation means. The more I get, the more I can focus.