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Dead Kids, Secret Meetings, Hacktivist Revenge, And More!

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Anyway, construction workers found a bunch of unmarked child graves outside an old US Government boys’ institution which opened in 1900, the US is partnering with neocons to carve up Venezuela, and cops are sadistic thugs. What more could you want from the demons who run this place?

This season’s featured song is Sway, by Know Your Enemy – who graciously allowed me to use the song. It’s fucking criminal how unknown this band is. Go change that by liking their vid, subbing to their YT, and getting some merch if you really like it. Thanks to them for being the Season 1 song. If you have something similar you want to be the Season 2 song, LMK.

So in the first and only piece of good news, local cops in Virginia won’t be able to automatically track you using your license plates. From EFF:

“Thanks to a recent ruling by Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Robert J. Smith, drivers in Fairfax County, Virginia need not worry that local police are maintaining ALPR records of their travels for work, prayer, protest or play.

Earlier this month, Judge Smith ordered an injunction against the use of the license plate database, finding that the “passive” use of Fairfax County Police Department’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system violated Virginia’s Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act (Data Act). This means that the Fairfax County Police will be required to purge its database of ALPR data that isn’t linked to a criminal investigation and stop using ALPRs to passively collect data on people who aren’t suspected of criminal activity. The ruling came in response to a complaint brought by the ACLU of Virginia in support of Harris Neal, a local resident whose license plate had been recorded at least twice by the Fairfax police.”

Have good news you want to make sure is covered? Make sure you get it in the week of. I really am willing to cover the good stuff… just hard to find.

So let’s start off light with the Notre Dame cathedral burning. While certain rightwing figures were already blaming Islam for no good reason, the YouTube algorithms were calling it a 9/11 video, and putting their anti-conspiracy warning on the bottom of the video, linking users to the 9/11 entry in Encyclopedia Britannica. From The Mind Unleashed:

“However, those watching the live-streamed broadcast on YouTube saw something strange—an excerpt from an Encyclopedia Britannica entry regarding the World Trade Center bombing on September 11, 2001 accompanied the footage. And while the text box may seem like a complete non-sequitur, it was actually a disclaimer meant to discourage the spread of what YouTube’s algorithms mistakenly flagged as a “conspiracy theory” or “fake news.”

As it turned out, the columns of smoke rising from the Gothic cathedral bore a startling resemblance to those of 9/11–and YouTube’s anti-conspiracy software was quick to kick into gear.”

YouTube Flags Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Video as ‘9/11 Conspiracy’

Youtube was vewwy sowwy uwu about their algorithm deciding to be bullshit again, saying:

“We are deeply saddened by the ongoing fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral … These panels are triggered algorithmically and our systems sometimes make the wrong call. We are disabling these panels for live streams related to the fire.”

I “absolutely don’t” recommend that anyone who wants to talk 9/11 truth run a Notre Dame stream to do it and #PushTheAlgo. Don’t do that. That’d be bad.

And while that happens, read this ActivistPost article about how your “representatives” are proposing bills to get banks to stop serving manufacturers and merchants of guns. Say it with me: “nobody wants to take your guns”. Then remember that financial institutions have already gotten in the way of speech online, and corporations already decided what “safe harbor” sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can show you. Hence Notre Dame getting called 9/11 by a feature designed to do just that.

Gun Control Advocates Want Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Companies

David Hogg even called for this to happen, in a tweet posted yesterday.

And while that happens, Chase has already abruptly shut down the accounts of many rightists, as has been looked into by Dan Dicks at PressForTruth. Laura Loomer, Joe Biggs, Martina Markota and Enrique Tarrio are all unable to access their accounts.

And while that censorship happens, Quartz reports that Scribd has censored literal public documents because some cunt decided to copyright the Muller Report. In doing so, Scribd’s “book ID” system false flagged all proceeding uploads and took them down.

“[I]n a taste of what’s to come with the EU’s views on copyright enforcement, the online document portal Scribd took down multiple copies of the Mueller Report claiming that their algorithms identified it as a copyrighted work.

Scribd thought the Mueller Report was copyrighted because there was no one to think otherwise—the company uses an algorithm to make determinations about intellectual property violations.

Update (5:36pm ET): A spokeswoman for the company says that “a leading global publisher” released the report as a book, fooling Scribd’s systems into thinking the report was owned by the publisher. The company identified 32 copies of the document, all of which were removed and then reinstated, she said.

There are still many copies of the report on Scribd, though searches on Scribd for text known to be in the report reveal that few of those copies are more than the unsearchable images of the document’s scanned pages.

A separate request Quartz made to reinstate its own versions of the document was resolved 17 minutes after we sent it, seemingly after an employee review.

Users affected by the takedown received an email from the company indicating that “Scribd’s BookID copyright protection system has disabled access” to their documents, even though the email admits, “This does not necessarily mean that an infringement has occurred” or that the uploaders “have done anything wrong.”

The email continued, “Like all automated systems, it will occasionally identify legitimate content as a possible infringement. Unfortunately, the volume of content in Scribd’s library prohibits us from reaching out for verification before BookID disables content. Scribd frequently updates BookID in order to reduce false positives.”

In summary:

Scribd admits there’s no way to making an automated system that is 100% correct all the time…

…has decided that it’s too popular a service to have humans vet its algorithms decisions, and…

…will update its systems after the fact when things go awry.”

So Scwibbd is vewwy sowwy too uwu, and now publicly admits to having a poorly designed flagging system, highly susceptible to abuse, just like YouTube’s “Notre Dame is 9/11” fiasco. Fun times we live in. And into more censorship, an article on Activist Post called “Splinternet: EU Censorship Ramps Up With ACTA 2, While UK Passes Terror Law, Porn Law, and Introduces First Internet Regulation Agency” highlights new EU censorship of literally the whole internet. In the UK, for instance, users will now have to show their papers to prove they’re 18+ to view porn online, viewing “terrorist propaganda” will be treated as a hate crime, and your content will be regulated for “Incitement of violence and the spread of violent (including terrorist) content, Encouragement of self-harm or suicide, The spread of disinformation and fake news, Cyberbullying, Children’s access to inappropriate material, Child exploitation and abuse content”. So if you’re simply mean to someone, you will soon break UK law in doing so, treated in a similar bracket to terrorists and wannabe kid fuckers. Isn’t it grand?

Splinternet: EU Censorship Ramps Up With ACTA 2, While UK Passes Terror Law, Porn Law, and Introduces First Internet Regulation Agency

The article also quotes Pirate Party Germany member Julia Reda in saying the “ACTA 2” the EU just passed will have the following consequences…

“- Commercial sites and apps where users can post material must make “best efforts” to preemptively buy licences for anything that users may possibly upload – that is: all copyrighted content in the world. An impossible feat.

– In addition, all but very few sites (those both tiny and very new) will need to do everything in their power to prevent anything from ever going online that may be an unauthorised copy of a work that a rightsholder has registered with the platform. They will have no choice but to deploy upload filters, which are by their nature both expensive and error-prone.

– Should a court ever find their licensing or filtering efforts not fierce enough, sites are directly liable for infringements as if they had committed them themselves. This massive threat will lead platforms to over-comply with these rules to stay on the safe side, further worsening the impact on our freedom of speech.”

Reda also expresses that for the link tax, there will be extra copyright for news sites, like the one you are reading now.

“-Reproducing more than “single words or very short extracts” of news stories will require a licence. That will likely cover many of the snippets commonly shown alongside links today in order to give you an idea of what they lead to. We will have to wait and see how courts interpret what “very short” means in practice – until then, hyperlinking (with snippets) will be mired in legal uncertainty.

– No exceptions are made even for services run by individuals, small companies or non-profits, which probably includes any monetized blogs or websites.”

The text of Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised

And speaking of censorship, Assange is still being censored. Julian Assange is being held at what’s termed “the UK’s Gitmo” and in response to this arrest, AL1NE3737 took down four Ecuador government websites, and released full names and passwords of 728 Ecuadorian government officials. They also claim to have hacked 1000 more Ecuador government sites, and will sell the data. I considered putting this under “good news”, but I think it’s still “bad” because he’s still imprisoned.

Multiple Government Websites Taken Down After Arrest Of Julian Assange

And while we’re international, let’s talk about a secret meeting held to discuss waging war on Venezuela.

“The CSIS meeting on ‘Assessing the Use of Military Force in Venezuela,’” wrote Blumenthal, “suggests that the Trump administration is exploring military options more seriously than before, possibly out of frustration with the fact that every other weapon in its arsenal has failed to bring down Maduro.”

CSIS has been funded by the Japanese government and the United Arab Emirates before, and seems bent on war for profit, so it does seem as though they could push something similar now. Watch Max Blumenthal’s interview about his findings here.

US Military Attack on Venezuela Mulled by Top Trump Advisors and Latin American Officials at Private DC Meeting

So while the Trump Era republicans are pushing war in Venezuela in secret meetings with UAE friendly think tanks, Trump has vetoed a congressional effort to end US involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen – the one I said killed 10 girls and wounded scores more, and has since claimed four more lives. This is where your money goes. This is what MAGA looks like. Remember that.

Trump Vetoes Congressional Resolution to End Yemen War

Mass Funeral in Yemen’s Sanaa for Children Killed in Saudi Airstrike

And while Trump vetoes one thing, he signs another – an executive order that takes the power to approve interstate roads, railways, and pipelines from the Secretary of State, and gives it to him. He plans to use it to force the Dakota Access Pipeline. Trump said “The President will have sole approval, not the bureaucracy.” Trump already approved Keystone in March, and South Dakota passed two anti-protest bills. It’s happening, folks.

Trump Signs Two Executive Orders Giving Himself “Sole Approval” on Pipelines and Roads

So now that we’re back home, let’s check the homefront for what’s happening here.

A couple tracked their stolen property on Craigslist, when the police made it clear how unhelpful they would be, confronted the thieves and were arrested when it got heated. They arranged a meet with the sellers, saw their property in the thieves’ posessions, and got into a fight over it, and BOTH parties were arrested. The thieves didn’t have all the stolen property on them, though, and plenty of time to get rid of the rest while cops were being incompetent. This is what a monopoly on force looks like.

Similarly, early last week, a cop was charged with 20 counts of raping service dogs. From TFTP:

“Terry Yetman, 38, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of animals—and he produced the evidence himself.”

Highly Decorated Cop Charged With 20 Counts of Raping Dogs, Including His Own Police K9

Well wouldn’t ya know it? Seems he was sick in other ways too, when not two days after being released on bail, he was re-arrested for possession of child porn! From TFTP:

“TFTP has learned that over the weekend, Yetman, who had only been out on bail for two days for the 40 counts of animal abuse charges, was taken into custody once more and charged with 31 counts of possession of pornography involving juveniles.

According to WAFB, Yetman’s bond is currently set at $620,000.00. However, additional charges could be filed.

According to the Louisiana State police, Yetman was originally arrested on December 19 and charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse of animals by performing sexual acts with an animal, and 20 counts of filming sexual acts with an animal.”

Decorated Cop Arrested for Sex With His Own K9, Now Charged With 31 Counts of Child Porn

Another cop was arrested for raping a mentally handicapped woman on a university campus, for years. From WYFF:

“A Bob Jones University Police Department officer has been dismissed after being accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a mentally impaired woman over a period of three years.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Darren Thomas Wesley. 51, Tuesday on multiple criminal sexual conduct charges.

Investigators began an investigation March 14 after receiving a report that a vulnerable adult had been sexually victimized by Wesley, a former officer with the BJU police.

Deputies said that during the investigation, they determined Wesley had committed multiple criminal sexual offenses against the woman.”

Another cop alleged a man reached for a small baggie that dropped from his person, while unarmed, handcuffed, and restrained in a jail cell, so he did what any well-trained cop would’ve done and “accidentally” shot him in the stomach. From TFTP:

“Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub announced Friday that the officer is going to be free from criminal prosecution for shooting Brian Riling, 38, in the abdomen on March 3. He called the shooting, which left Riling in critical condition, “not justified, but excused.””

WATCH: Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Inside a Jail Cell and Is NOT Charged

Another cop brutally attacked an epileptic man for filming them harassing homeless people, and claimed the epileptic man was “threatening their life” with his walking stick. He was arrested for “obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest” because he wouldn’t drop the stick or stand where officers ordered him to. But as you can see if you watch the video, he broke no laws in doing what he did, and the homeless people broke nothing either.

Another cop was off duty, and started brutalizing a bunch of women as part of a “security” gig. He did not identify himself, but he did attack people. From TFTP:

“Anders claims he approached the group of bikini clad black women last Wednesday due to ongoing issues with criminal activity. Apparently he thought a bunch of young women in bikinis were trying to rob the place. However, many of the women lived there and had every right to be where they were.”

WATCH: Off-Duty Cop Randomly Starts Beating Women in Bikinis as They Try to Stop Him

Another group of cops together maced a kid, punched him in the face, and repeatedly slammed his head into the pavement before cuffing and arresting him. Reporters say the pavement has been stained with his blood ever since.

Another cop flipped and body slammed a sixth grader half his size onto the concrete, in response to the kid being suspended for chest bumping another, and then leaving the dean’s office instead of staying and waiting for a parent. The amount of force used on this nonaggressive kid has been known to kill and severely wound. The kid is the only one being charged. Were it done by anyone else, it’d be child abuse. Qualified immunity.

WATCH: Massive School Cop Picks Up 11yo and Smashes Him Into a Concrete Curb

Another group of cops were caught on film as they together punched, kicked, stomped, tased, and pushed and dragged down stairs a 16 year old high school girl for refusing to leave school when suspended. They also lied in official reports, claiming she bit, spit on, and kicked the officers, seen nowhere on footage. The officers were removed from the school, but are still on duty.

Another group of cops laughed as a group of black men they chained to a table were repeatedly stabbed by a white supremacist. TFTP reports:

“Cincinnati, OH — In one of the most disturbing videos the Free Thought Project has ever reported on, four black men were chained to a table in Lucasville prison while a single white man was allowed access to a knife and brutally stab them. The graphic and hard to watch video is now the subject of a federal lawsuit filed earlier this month in the Southern District of Ohio.

The two officers, identified only by their surnames, Faye and Dalton, laughed as four inmates were brutally stabbed in June of 2017, according to the suit. The cornerstone to the lawsuit is the surveillance video showing the horrifying event unfold as four men played cards only to be repeatedly stabbed by a psychotic and violent white supremacist.

Shamieke Pugh and Maurice Lee are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit which is seeking a modest $75,000. The suit claims the victims’ civil rights were violated, including that they suffered cruel and unusual punishment because of the prison guards’ inaction.”

WATCH: Officers Laugh as They Chain 4 Black Men To Table, Allow Supremacist to Stab Them

And finally, an old US government juvenile institution for boys, previously known to have a building where brutal rape and torture of children would occur, has now unearthed close to 100 unmarked graves of boys buried at the site. The Herald reports:

“A report on the study said there are 27 “anomalies” on the parcel consistent with human burials. If the 27 anomalies are, in fact, human remains, the total number of known burials on the campus would rise to at least 82 — though University of South Florida researchers who have studied the campus extensively believe there may have been 100 or more deaths at Dozier since its opening in 1900.”

They also described the outbuilding of torture and rape, saying:

“That’s where officers took them, they said, to be beaten — sometimes scores of times — with a leather strap inlaid with metal. The boys would be forced to lie prone on a filthy cot in a cell that became speckled with blood and slivers of human flesh. Some of the men also said they had been taken to a “rape room” where officers sexually assaulted them. Others say they were aware of children who were killed there.”

Workers Find Dozens of Alleged Secret Graves at Juvenile Institution Where Boys Were Tortured, Raped

So when they’re not killing foreign kids, the US government will often kill domestically. They’ll beat, electrocute, and cover you in chemicals. They’ll lie, cheat, and prevent protest, all while having secret meetings to decide what areas need freedom next. And don’t dare expose them… you might end up like Assange. Just another week, burning here forever. See you in hell.

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