The Infowars Scarlet Letter Is Official, And The War Machine Churns On | MEGASHOW #2 Part 1

Lots of pedos in government, more technocratic tracking methods, and the forward march on deciding how you think… this week’s episode is extra-bad.

Here’s what Necrotopia is.

Here’s why I was blocked from Twitter.


This season’s featured song is A Story That Shouldn’t Be Told by Zachary Larmer. Thanks to him for being the Season 2 song. If you have something similar you want to be the Season 3 song, LMK.

The one piece of good news I found for that week is that the US government has agreed with the Russian and Chinese governments, respectively, on a framework for pulling out of Afghanistan. From Antiwar:

“The general idea is that the US and allied forces would leave Afghanistan as part of a peace deal, which would come with a commitment from the Taliban to keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out of the country.

These are the terms which were already reported to have been coming out of US-Taliban talks, and the State Department’s own statement said the other nations support an “orderly and responsible withdrawal of foreign troops.”

Negotiating the specifics beyond this framework, including timing, has yet to be done, and US efforts to get the Taliban talking with the Afghan government are on hold after Afghan officials failed to show for last week’s meeting.”

US Agrees With Russia, China on Framework for Afghanistan Pullout

So let’s start with the root of this week’s main problem, that being Facebook censorship… by taking a look at Facebook’s mechanisms. Facebook employs the help of a shady organization known as the “International Fact-Checking Network” or IFCN, do do its dirty work, laying all the blame on them when they get things wrong. From RT:

“[T]he social network’s choice of people to trust with the power to decide what is true or false does raise questions. This seemingly impressive “international network” Facebook mentions is a project run by Florida-based private school of journalism – the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

The project, which Facebook apparently uses as a sole instrument to find trustworthy “partners,” seems to be way more than just a selfless initiative aimed at helping people navigate through questionable information.

The IFCN was launched in 2015 following a generous donation totaling $300,000, which the Poynter Institute received from two sources. One of them is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – a “soft-power” organization, which is funded primarily through annual allocations from the US Congress. Another one is the Omidyar Network – a foundation run by the eBay founder and self-described “progressive” billionaire Pierre Omidyar.

Although he has not yet apparently gained as much fame – or infamy for that matter – as another US billionaire and renowned political meddler, George Soros, Omidyar has also lately shown himself as a major patron of regime-change operations. As early as in 2014, the US media reported that Omidyar supported anti-government groups in Ukraine that opposed the then President Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted during Maidan…

Notably, two years after the launch of the IFCN Omidyar teamed up with none other than another “liberal interventionist” – Soros – to channel some $1.3 million into the project to support its development.

The Poynter Institute itself also has the Omidyar Network as well as the Democracy Fund – another foundation linked to the eBay founder – on its list of major donors, alongside Open Society Foundations (OSF) run by Soros and the NED.”

So let’s clarify. A wealthy, anti-Russian think tank being run out of a Florida “journalism” school, with the help of billionaires and investors known to have biases is their “source” on truth. Wanna make matters worse? They recently published a list of “fake news” sites, including the Daily Caller, whose fact checking service was included in Poynter’s IFCN, while their main site was added to their list of “fake news”.



I got my hands on a copy of this list, and I will do a thorough review of this list in the coming days. But there’s too much here to address in a small segment. Suffice it to say, the sites I look to for a lot of my information are included. But the fact that multiple list members have been targeted by flagrant abuse of Facebook TOS should tell you all you need to know. From what it looks like, the wealthy and elitists are deciding what you get to read. For proof, look no further than their recent ban of Infowars, along with Milo Yiannopolous, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, and more.

And what’s more, users will now be banned simply for posting things favorable to these figures. Not only can you not post what they say, and neither can they, but you can’t even speak out against the policy. From TFTP:

“In one of the most disturbing moves by Facebook we’ve ever seen, the platform banned Alex Jones and other controversial U.S. political personalities for violating the social media company’s policies on “dangerous individuals and organizations.”…

While Facebook has previously banned Infowars from their platform, they allowed personal pages to stay up, but this was apparently too much for the platform to handle. Yes, some of the things Infowars and Alex Jones say are utter nonsense and borderlines on hysterical Islamaphobia. The Free Thought Project has — on more than one occasion — written entire pieces condemning some of the things said by Alex Jones and the other folks at Infowars.

Never, however, have we advocated for the silencing and banning of any group. But this time, Facebook reportedly went a step further than just banning Infowars content on their website. According to reports, they are promising to ban groups and individuals for merely sharing their content.”

Now, the list made by Poynter has been pulled, but as I said, I have it anyway (thank you internet), and Tim Pool went over how it was removed and a letter from the editor replaced it.

The letter from Barbara Allen, managing editor, reads…

“Dear readers:

On Tuesday, April 30, Poynter posted a list of 515 “unreliable” news websites, built from pre-existing databases compiled by journalists, fact-checkers and researchers around the country. Our aim was to provide a useful tool for readers to gauge the legitimacy of the information they were consuming.

Soon after we published, we received complaints from those on the list and readers who objected to the inclusion of certain sites, and the exclusion of others. We began an audit to test the accuracy and veracity of the list, and while we feel that many of the sites did have a track record of publishing unreliable information, our review found weaknesses in the methodology. We detected inconsistencies between the findings of the original databases that were the sources for the list and our own rendering of the final report.

Therefore, we are removing this unreliable sites list until we are able to provide our audience a more consistent and rigorous set of criteria. The list was intended to be a starting place for readers and journalists to learn more about the veracity of websites that purported to offer news; it was not intended to be definitive or all encompassing. We regret that we failed to ensure that the data was rigorous before publication, and apologize for the confusion and agitation caused by its publication. We pledge to continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards.”

So that’s some bullshit, but I’ll get into why when I go over the letter. And since it’s bullshit, much like TFTP has had to do SEVERAL times, Infowars started a new page, and began streaming against FB. Well CNBC was already scrambling to get the word out when it happened, saying:

“Despite the so-called ban, Alex Jones’ InfoWars was quickly back online with a page titled “Infowars is Back” and a livestream where Alex Jones is talking about how he has been banned.

“Enforcement is happening as we speak, so accounts should be down shortly,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC in an email. The stream disappeared shortly after that.

The delay is yet another sign that while huge companies such as Facebook and Google’s YouTube have to fight to keep content under control, it’s tough for both to monitor and remove accounts and content that can pop right back up with new pages. It’s like a big game of whack-a-mole.”

The page also includes a video from CNBC about how PayPal has decided not to work with Infowars either, including an official statement from PayPal saying:

“We’ve made a decision to end our relationship with the Infowars websites, including PrisonPlanet… We undertook an extensive review of the Infowars sites, and found instances that promoted hate or discriminatory intolerance of certain communities and religions, which run counter to our core values of inclusion.”

So there you have it. Say the wrong thing for too long, and you will not be able to speak to most people where they are. It should be no surprise that an organization like Facebook, taking its truthiness cues from Soros backed thinktanks, would try to wipe away Infowars, and anyone else critical of Soros. Or even anyone who even obliquely supports anyone critical of Soros. Like Brandon Straka, who posted an interview he was invited to by Alex Jones, and now can’t access his account. He said:

“FACEBOOK JUST BANNED ME AS I AM PLANNING THE #WalkAway March on Washington!!! I have been banned from posting leading up to the March. This is devastated for our ability to reach people!!! I was banned for mentioning my interview with Alex Jones. Can anybody help???”

But enough about this censorship. If I let this show be 100% focused on censorship, they’ll block my content without having to lift a finger, and I won’t do their work for them. So let’s get to a case of religious suppression right here in the US, where Orthodox Jews are being summoned to court for the awful “crime” of not forcing their kids to get vaccinated. From Reuters…

“New York City has issued civil summonses to 12 people it said were not complying with a mandatory measles vaccination order as the number of recorded cases in the city’s worst outbreak since 1991 rose to 390, according to data released on Wednesday….

The Health Department took the unusual step earlier this month of issuing an emergency order requiring unvaccinated people in affected neighborhoods to get the measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine unless they could otherwise show they had immunity.

The 12 people issued summons for defying the order must attend a hearing and face a fine of up to $1,000 if found to be noncompliant.”

This is what I was talking about when I said vaccines would be the line they used to start censoring and controlling people. And remember how I said Amazon was helping the state by putting smart cameras in stores? Hello Kroger and Walgreens, who will now use cameras to gague moods, age, sex, and more when people shop. From Detroit Free Press:

“It’s a new technology being trotted out to retailers, where cameras try to guess your age, gender or mood as you walk by. The intent is to use the information to show you targeted real-time ads on in-store video screens.


With store cameras, you may not even realize you are being watched unless you happen to notice the penny-sized lenses. And that has raised concerns over privacy

“The creepy factor here is definitely a 10 out of 10,” said Pam Dixon, the executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a nonprofit that researches privacy issues.


The screens can also be placed at the drive-thru. A minivan pulling into a fast food restaurant, for example, might get an ad for a family-sized meal on the video screen menu.

For now, the cameras are in just a handful of stores.”

More Creepy Surveillance Capitalism: Kroger and Walgreens Installing Cameras in Stores to Read Shoppers’ Facial Expressions to Sell Them More Stuff

While stores do that, Google is tracking your location and sharing it with police, even when your phone is “off”. From TheMindUnleashed:

“A recent report from the New York Times adds to the growing list of reasons why Americans should be asking these questions. According to the Times, law enforcement have been using a secret technique to figure out the location of Android users. The technique involves gathering detailed location data collected by Google from Android phones, iPhones, and iPads that have Google Maps and other Google apps installed.

The location data is stored inside a Google database known as Sensorvault, which contains detailed location records of hundreds of millions of devices from around the world. The records reportedly contain location data going back to 2009. The data is collected whether or not users are making calls or using apps.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says police are using a single warrant—sometimes known as a “geo-fence” warrant—to access location data from devices that are linked to individuals who have no connection to criminal activity and have not provided any reasonable suspicion of a crime.”

Google Tracks Your Location and Shares It With Police, Even When Your Phone is Off

What’s more, if you use Uber, you’ll now be tracked automatically, in real time, by police. From MassPrivateI:

“The Chronicle article reveals that Uber and RapidSOS “shares its location data — collected by Apple and Google for their in-house map apps — free of charge to public safety agencies.”

The article goes on to say that RapidSOS “real-time tracking will also extend to Uber riders and drivers.”

And California’s Department of Energy Management (DOEM) is elated to be able track them.

“As soon as they say they’re in an Uber, dispatchers can query the information,” said Eric Gornitsky, a public safety supervisor at the DOEM. The company then sends driver and rider information, travel route, vehicle description and current location to dispatchers.”

Let that sink in for a moment; the DOEM which has strong ties to Homeland Security, now has access to real-time passenger information, without a warrant. What could possibly go wrong?”


So They’re controlling what you say and consume, and they’re watching you everywhere. What could be a cherry on top? Let’s head overseas for one story, to see the latest on “holy shit we’re headed for World War”, Trump is keeping the war in Yemen alive. Why? Check Antiwar:

“Calls to reassert Congressional authority over US war-making failed to muster enough votes to override President Trump’s veto of the Yemen War Powers resolution, which demanded Trump withdraw US involvement from the unauthorized war. The vote was 53-45, short of the two-thirds majority needed to override.

Opposition to the war was driven by the war crimes being committed by the US-backed Saudis, and the Saudi assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, which had some in Congress questioning the US backing them in a war.

The Trump Administration argued variously that Yemen didn’t count as a war, that Trump had unilateral authority on the war, and that the war in Yemen would be bad for Iran and therefore in America’s interests.”

Senate Fails to Override Trump’s Veto on Yemen War Resolution

And while the US war machine rages on, and Trump continues to back Sauds to spite Iran, while they call each other terrorists, Assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in a UK prison for skipping bail, when he certainly met qualifications for exigent circumstances. From The Mind Unleashed:

“Sky News reporter Jordan Milne live-tweeted events as they unfolded, reporting that Assange’s defense argued that his fears of rendition and torture at the hands of the US government were well-founded. His life in the Ecuadorian embassy and the physical and psychological detriments which came with it were described, including deteriorated health and depression. The judge rejected his entire defense and delivered nearly the harshest sentence possible.

“Your continued residence in the Embassy has necessitated a concentration of resources, and expenditure of £16 million of taxpayers’ money in ensuring that when you did leave, you were brought to justice,” Judge Deborah Taylor told Assange upon his sentencing.

This is bullshit. Assange’s residency at the embassy never cost taxpayers a penny; it was the British government’s decision to pour money into patrolling the embassy around the clock with police who had orders to arrest Assange on sight over a petty bail charge. It was the British government’s decision to persuade the Swedish government not to drop its investigation in 2013 so that it could pursue the agenda to arrest Assange for US extradition. Assange’s residency didn’t cost British taxpayers anything; the agenda to imprison and extradite a journalist for publishing facts is what cost taxpayers £16 million. There is one reason and one reason only that the British government saw fit to spend £16 million of taxpayers’ money patrolling that embassy, and it wasn’t because they really, really hate bail violations.

No, the one and only reason the UK government found it reasonable to invest £16 million in patrolling the Ecuadorian embassy is because it had an agenda to help the US war machine punish someone who embarrassed it.”

Assange Sentenced to 50 Weeks in UK Prison for Bogus Bail Charge

So while Alex Jones being banned is certainly an affront to free speech, as the “government to Facebook pipeline” makes it hardly a private company, and as you’re being watched everywhere, and monitored in how you respond to things so the elites can better mold you into a passive consumer, don’t worry – it could always be worse. You could be sent to the “UK’s Gitmo” for showing how callous and cruel the US government is. In that spirit, here goes the weekly “fuck the police” segment.

So for the first story, a public school bus driver was sentenced to 10 years of probation… for raping a 14 year old girl. TFTP reports:

“This week, Shane Piche, a school bus driver, pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl who rode his bus.

Last year, Piche lured the child to his home after school where he gave her alcohol before raping her. He admitted to the facts of this case, yet the legal system which is ostensibly in place to protect society’s most vulnerable didn’t give him so much as a slap on the wrist.

For this horrific act, Piche will spend the next 10 years on probation — but he won’t see a single day behind bars — a terrifying notion indeed.

“I wish Shane Piche would have received time in jail for the harm he caused to my child. He took something from my daughter she will never get back and has caused her to struggle with depression and anxiety,” the victim’s mother said after hearing the judge’s ruling this week.

Here, we have a man who admitted to luring a child to his home, essentially drugging her with alcohol and then raping her, and he will not spend a day in jail.”

Admitted Child Rapist Gets NO JAIL as Cancer Patient Faces Years for Using Cannabis

“But that guy’s not a cop!” Okay, so he’s a different “public servant – so what? If That’s no enough for some blue liner who hears this, let’s bring it in, shall we? A bunch of cops and other “public officials” were caught trying to fuck children using the internet. From TFTP:

“Trenton, NJ — Cops in the Trenton, New Jersey area have been in the media for multiple acts of brutality and corruption recently. Now, however, they are making headlines once again — this time, for attempting to have sex with children. It’s not just cops either, members of the clergy and public school system were also arrested.

This month, officers with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force carried out a sting called “Operation Home Alone.” The sting set up fake profiles on multiple social media apps in which officers pretended to be young children. When the predators would seek the children out for sex, instead of meeting a child, they met the undercover cops.

During the sting, which lasted just four days, law enforcement members made 16 arrests….

One of the suspected child predators is 28-year-old Peter Tuchol Jr., a resident of Waldwick and police officer with the Ridgewood Police Department. Since his arrest last week, Tuchol has been suspended from the force.

According to a now-deleted Facebook post in February from Ridgewood PBA Local 20, Tuchol was given an award by the Police Department. Now, however, this man is dishonoring them.

While he was on his way to have sex with a child, Tuchol was also in possession of steroids — a not so uncommon drug used by law enforcement across the country. Judging from his court appearance photos, Tuchol has been on steroids for quite some time….

Also arrested during the sting was Kevin Roth and Roger Arroyo. Roth is a teacher at the High School of Computers and Technology in Bronx, N.Y. and Arroyo is a preacher from Philadelphia.”

Award Winning Cop, Clergyman, and Teacher Arrested in Sting Trying to Have Sex with Children

And while that happened, a cop “accidentally” mortified a school by discharging his firearm. WFLA reports:

“The incident happened at Weightman Middle School in Wesley Chapel. A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office says the school resource officer assigned to Weightman was in the cafeteria at the time.

The officer, who was not named by the sheriff’s office, was “leaning against the wall when his holstered, duty-issued firearm incidentally discharged into the wall behind him,” deputies say. There were no injuries to students, staff or the school resource officer.

“We’d like to reiterate that the weapon discharged directly into the wall and no students were in danger,” the sheriff’s office spokeswoman said in a statement.”


I’d say students are in danger if accidental discharges are even possible, but I’m not a “peace officer”. Speaking of “peace officers”, a cop was caught lying about being shot by someone else, From TFTP:

“Earlier this month, news reports across the country ran with headlines about a police officer being shot in New Orleans, LA during an apparent struggle in front of a gas station. That suspect in the shooting, 18-year-old Michael Baker was promptly arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder of a police officer. The case was open and shut and police had their man — that is until they reviewed the surveillance footage and found that Baker didn’t pull the trigger — the cop did.

The incident unfolded on April 11 when an NOPD officer responded to a report of a “suspicious person” at a gas station. When the officer arrived, he approached Baker, who he said fit the description of the suspicious person.

When the officer attempted to frisk Baker, he tried to get away and a struggle ensued. During that struggle, the officer grabbed a gun which was allegedly in Bakers pants and the officer, not Baker, pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the leg.

As Baker was arrested, the officer apparently never found it necessary to mention that fact, so Baker was wrongly charged with the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Luckily for Baker, his public defender had authorities review the surveillance footage from that night and it backed up his client’s story.”

Murder Charges Dropped Against Man After Video Showed the Cop Shot Himself

He’ll still be faced with jail time for having a gun without gov permission though, and don’t expect support from the “Molon Labe” crowd. From My Cold Dead Hands doesn’t apply to people cops don’t like. Like Philando Castille, John Crawford, and others… NRA is silent. In a similar story, a man was killed by cops for the egregious “crime” of having a plant. A man in Texas was gunned down by a cop as he attempted to roll up his window, and when the cop reached inside as it rolled up, the man panicked and started to drive – the cop responded by firing killing shots into the man. The officer’s been indicted, but we’ll see. From TFTP:

“The incident happened on September 1, 2018 in broad daylight. Terry hadn’t gotten in his new license plate yet, so he was targeted for revenue collection by officer Herlihy. When officer Tran showed up, however, he smelled marijuana and a stop for a ticket turned into a search for a plant.

As the Star-Telegram reports, “about 10 minutes into the stop, Terry started to roll up his windows. Tran grabbed the top of the passenger side window with his left hand, ordered Terry to stop, stepped onto the foot rail, put his right arm inside the vehicle and then brought it back out to reach for his gun, the video shows.”

Instead of simply stepping off the vehicle—knowing he had all of Terry’s information and could’ve followed up with him later—officer Tran pulled out his gun, stuck it into the vehicle and started shooting Terry.

The car had moved forward for just one second before Tran began firing the first of at least four shots.”

Cop Indicted After Video Shows Him Kill Unarmed Man Over Stop for Expired Vehicle Sticker

So all of this is wise to mind – the state doesn’t have to protect you, and when they do the opposite, they’ll likely get away with it, or at least not get harsh sentences. Meanwhile, they can often be some of the most predatory people around, and won’t let you forget it for a second.


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