Yes, the state can take your guns if you use weed.

Yes, the state can take your guns if you use weed.

Weed is legal in Illinois now, in the year of Our Lord current. Just as it has happened, many times, in many states where similar legislation has happened, a ton of people celebrated as though they were free at last. But I’m the angry anarchist hair guy, and I can’t just let people enjoy things, so I have to do things like… you know… research. And doing that research led me to make statements like “hey, so you’re now not allowed to buy and own guns”. And every time I said this, with no memorable exceptions, someone boomerposts about how I’m wrong, citing no laws, and no valid counterpoints. Since I’m gonna try to put out short content though, so I can talk to y’all more, here’s my short fucking response to this, because the Politifact, FactChecks, and Snopeses of the world need a little more rage fueled bipolar asshole in their life. So without further ado, let’s smack the point of this video, right in its stupid fucking mouth. Yes. You’re not allowed to own a gun if you smoke weed, and it doesn’t matter that it’s legal in your state, because the state is a gang in constant competition with itself to fuck you over.

So first, let’s get this out of the way, the three articles I’ll be referencing are technically correct… these states THEMSELVES don’t ban weapon ownership for weed users. They just capitulate to the prevailing federal laws on the matter, and help them get jailed fucking anyway. That’s so goddamned much better, right? Wrong. Acting like these gang members aren’t on the corner for the kingpin is as naive and droolingly stupid as one can get, but here we are talking about a result of people who got exactly that stupid. So what is the claim they “debunk”?

“BeFoRe yOu cElEbRaTe lEgAlIzAtIoN Of mArIjUaNa, JuSt kNoW: nEaRlY EvErY StAtE ThAt hAs lEgAlIzEd iT HaS AlSo lEgIsLaTeD ThAt yOu lOsE YoUr rIgHt tO OwN A GuN If yOu aRe pReScRiBeD It, Or bUy iT ReCrEaTiOnAlLy. PoT LeGaLiZaTiOn iS TuRnInG OuT To bE A BaCk-dOoR WaY FoR ThE GoVeRnMeNt tO GeT YoU To vOlUnTaRiLy gIvE Up yOuR GuN RiGhTs. WoRd tO ThE WiSe…”

So every Facebook mom who shared the debunk of this claim, know that you’re essentially engaging in strawman by proxy. What I mean by that is that this claim is a very specific one not representative of the wide breadth of permutations the claim that “weed users can’t buy guns” takes. Most people don’t phrase their argument that specific way, and claiming they’re wrong requires dismissal of their specific points. For instance, someone I know recently posted “LOL @ the fuckin’ chumps buying hyper-taxed marijuana here in Illinois. All hail the black/grey markets!” To this, I replied, “And getting barred from legal weapons ownership.” He liked my reply, but two other people didn’t. One of them simply said “nope”, and another went on a diatribe calling anyone public about weed use and “idiot”, “retard”, and some other shit. He blames victims of statism for their lot. Don’t be like him.

But how do these outlets “debunk” this claim? They basically say “BuT iT’s NoT tHe StAtEs, It’S tHe FeDs!” While technically true, that doesn’t remotely mean there’s nothing individual states can do, nor does it mean that acquiescing to the demands of what amounts to a state’s parent corporation is simply accidental. How laughably absurd.

USACarry notes, “Federal law, supported by administrative orders and court rulings, prohibits marijuana users from owning, possessing, or buying firearms. It also prohibits anyone from selling or giving firearms to a person they know or suspect to be a drug user or even the owner of a medical marijuana card.

Under the Gun Control Act of 1968, any “unlawful” user of a controlled substance is prohibited from purchasing or owning a gun. Because marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law, the U.S. government maintains that there is no way to use cannabis lawfully. Some say the law needs to change, while others strongly disagree and say it should be enforced.”

And Factcheck says, “The federal firearm transaction form — used by federal firearms licensees, such as gun shops, to determine whether a sale is lawful — also explicitly asks about a buyer’s “unlawful” marijuana use and notes that the “use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless” of state policies.

Making false written statements on the application is a felony that can be punished with up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. A 2018 GAO report found, however, that the U.S., in fiscal year 2017, rarely prosecuted cases in which firearm applicants made false statements on a form and were subsequently denied.

Yet, the GAO noted, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March 2018 “issued a memo that directed all United States Attorneys to enhance prosecution of cases involving individuals who make false statements on the ATF Form 4473.””

Viral Claim Blurs Marijuana, Gun Policies

So basically, your state is a big fuckin snitch, and will alert the feds if you have bud and guns, slapping you with massive fines, disarmament, property confiscation, jail, prison, and possibly asset forfeiture too. Simple as that. Now, your state can “choose” not to be a fuckin snitch, but it’s entirely up to them, and there’s no perfect way out. To talk about what states can do, here’s a Reason Foundation article:

“While states cannot reverse federal government policy, they have a spectrum upon which they can enforce it. On the more restrictive end of the spectrum, states could require medical cannabis users to surrender all of the guns they currently own as well as forbidding future purchases. Some local governments, like Honolulu, have unsuccessfully attempted this. On the other end of the spectrum, Pennsylvania has crafted an innovative approach centered around database sharing. The state’s Department of Health decided it will no longer share the medical marijuana registry with the state’s law enforcement database, JNET. The practical outcome of this policy is that background checks done by firearms dealers will not identify whether or not the person is a medical marijuana card holder, effectively bypassing the restriction.”

Medical Marijuana Patients Are Being Denied Gun Rights

So let’s be clear – any local effort to decriminalize and legalize is only as strong as the muscular middle fingers whichever state government uses to say fuck you to the Feds, and don’t think for a second they wouldn’t sell anyone up the river who crossed em either. You’re one interagency taskforce away from being totally fucked at any given point. And anyone who’s watched my vid against the war on cops myth knows that cops got most of their militarized power over the last century from the drug war, so anything like this is just another prohibitive nail in the coffin of your freedom. “But I can’t be arrested for having or using it – that’s a GOOD THING! You libertarians will never be happy…” LMAO OK. Now all cops have to do is say they smelled weed near a car they saw a gun in. Plant the plant, and place the pistol, and you have a case. Or hey, now that Trump raised the national smoking age to 21, they coulda just smelled tobacco around youngins. The possibilities are endless! But here it is – the crux o the whole joint – because of the feds, the war on drugs hasn’t gotten BETTER… it got WORSE. And to all the people who are gonna tell me, “but my state would never do that – we’re the good guys!” If you’re state’s so “good”, why is it that they didn’t include protective provisions in their legalization methods? Why haven’t they protected your rights, or kept their constitutional oaths? Why have they been so quiet about all this, while everyone’s been trying hard to “debunk” all claims similar to mine? Like…

“Aw, shucks… we had a regressive legal system that makes ownership and use of a plant scientifically proven to relatively harmlessly elevate your mood and treat your illnesses illegal, and it just so happens that when we made it legal and spammed all your local news outlets with that fact, we left out the fact that now we can come raid your house for weapons under federal law, and bar you from even being able to buy one above the table. We could make ourselves a sanctuary state, or secede from the union altogether in order to protect our residents’ rights, but that would be expensive and dangerous, and it also wouldn’t give us the power we swaretagot we don’t want… really…If we could get rid of this power, we goshdarn would but aw shucks, it just don’t seem likely. And it ain’t like this was intentional, luring people in with the promise of not being caged for using something which harmlessly makes them feel good, so as many people as possible would get in on it, and post about it on social media outets which report everything to us, so we could justify taking action against these people, no matter if they hurt anyone or not, because the war on drugs can still be profitable and boost our power even if a drug is legal… nah. So for now, we’ll just tell you that we cross our hearts and promise we won’t act on our newfound authority over countless people. We promise! And we’re the state… the state never lies, aw shucks, naw we don’t.”

So just remember all this the next time your state, municipality, township, town, or city, claims weed is “legal” now. What legal weed means is more surveillance, more revenue generation, more databases, and not much more freedom. I mean, how hard was it really to meet your guy in the parking lot? Gotta be easier than filling out forms and losing freedoms, right? And if you have anything that needs protection, the choice might be between legal weed and your ability to protect that. You a cancer patient with a family? Better keep your weed use a secret, or you won’t be able to defend your family home. You a rancher with a varmint rifle? Better not let anyone know you use a special kinda “grass-fed” butter to treat your aching back. You an MLG gamer lighting cones all night? Better not let anyone know, or when someone comes to 1v1 you IRL, you might not have your loadout equipped.

Get what I’m saying? The state isn’t in the business of easing the boot up off your face. Black people knew this, when they tried to enact their constitutional right to bear arms in the face of modern day slavery, and every effort to have a gun, and publicly bear it, was stymied by the fuzz. But they knew the struggle wouldn’t be helped by relinquishing arms. Ever wonder why guns are so popular in rap and hip hop culture? They’re symbols of freedom. You might not be able to noscope a reaper drone, but that pig on your block who gave people problems might be less likely if he knew there were barrels anywhere and everywhere, behind every blade of grass, and he might think twice about abuses he considers. Maybe. But not if he can pre-empt that by disarming everyone who lights up. And not like the drug war has been used as an excuse to strip that community’s power before… nah…

And like… just saying? We live in an age of unprecedented transactional privacy. Maybe you could get both your weed and your guns in a way which couldn’t be traced nearly as quickly, cheaply, and easily… maybe. Or don’t. You might like prison. But hey – if you ask me? Any entity which demands you choose between your right to put in your body what you want and your right to defend it?

It’s not worth obeying.


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