Police Have Waged War On You | Exposing The "War On Cops" Myth

Police Have Waged War On You | Exposing The “War On Cops” Myth

Cops like Dominick Izzo and David Grossman are trying to start a war between citizens and government under the guise of those CITIZENS starting the war. I mean to destroy this illusion, and crush the myth of the war on cops. Police have waged war on you, and most people don’t even know, or they believe the opposite. Get ready to get mad.

I want to start this vid by saying I wish I didn’t have to make it. I wish the fuzz would deal with their own shit, and call cops out who lie about the “war on cops”. But they didn’t, so here I am, and I don’t plan to pretty it up. And while I’ve been working on the notes for this vid for awhile, recent events bumped up my production schedule. I’ll get into that shortly, but suffice it to say, a retired cop is calling for open war on the American people, and my vid is gonna go to some pains to knock down his points while also making some of the points I was already planning to make. It’ll go over a pig named David Grossman, whose “warrior” training leads to unnecessary death, like that of Philando Castille. Also, I was made aware by an associate that Carey Wedler made a similar vid recently – I watched it and it’s good. So I’ll start out the gate by saying that if you want a friendlier vid to send to friends and family, share hers, and not mine, because I’m nowhere near as nice as she was. I’ll be including the facts from her vid that are relevant, and linking in the description to her full vid. Seriously – sub to her. But I have a significant amount of gaps to fill in, and extremely relevant reasons to do so. Suffice it to say, shit’s about to get hot, and Izzo and Grossman want cops on one side against the public. It’s reckless, stupid, and dangerous. So let’s put a wrench in the works, shall we?

First, let’s discuss how dangerous policing is. If there’s a “war’ on cops, it must be pretty dangerous, right? Especially if it’s a “war” they’re suggesting killing people over! Except… no. Holy fuck, no. Some of the most recent BLS numbers put policing behind these categories: logging, fishing work, pilots and flight engineers, roofers, waste management, driver/sales workers and truck drivers, Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers, structural metalworkers, construction supervisors, extraction workers, landscaping/lawn service/groundskeepers, and literally more! And since most of the stupid motherfuckers claiming there’s a war on cops blame Obama for it, let’s see the 2015 numbers, cause why not? Electrical and power line workers, taxis, mining, support activities for mining, maintenance and repair, AND CEMENT WORKERS all died more than cops! Like… holy fuck. If your job is safer than a garbagedude’s, where’s the war?

Click to access cfoi.pdf

And that’s just looking at the numbers uncritically. I wanted to know for sure what I was talking about, so I looked for numbers in one of the bluest sites on the internet… the Officer Down Memorial Page. Here, not only can you find reports of officer deaths, and see memorials people who cared about them wrote, but you can also read how they died. A total of 121 in 2019 as of writing this vid is about commensurate with previous years, by BLS numbers. In 2017, it was 117, and in 18, it was 127. We’re in the average zone here, showing it’s not getting worse. So let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. The primary causes of police deaths were, in fact, gunshots. Thus far this year, 46 LEOs died by intentional gunfire. That’s the leading cause of officer death in 2019. But behind that? Automobile crashes. Lots of em. So let’s go over that.


Whenever you read any media about cops, know the writer probably supports police, and is defending them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read something about a cop killing someone, and the writer of the article fuckin skirted the shit by claiming the guy just “died after” the cop did the thing. Anyone else who has someone “die after” they do something would be called a killer, and it would be said that the uh… killed someone. But cops get a pass. Same with this site’s wording. In this case, they soften what happened by saying things like the vehicle “left the roadway”, even when an officer drove poorly, and died as a result. So let’s go over these stories.

A statistical breakdown conducted by Vittana.org proves a variety of things. Cops kill civilians at about 4.5x the rate they’re killed, at all, much less by civilians. They report a decade average of 1058 people killed by cops per year,along with a total death count average of 151 per year for cops. If my analysis of this year’s numbers are any indication of past numbers, cops are about 10x as likely to kill civilians as they are to be killed by them. It also highlights that 2016 saw the most cop deaths in 5 years, at 135, but it only says 21 were out of ambush, and there hasn’t been as many cop deaths per year since. Still think this is a “war”? Vittana also reported that violent crime wasn’t a factor in the incidence of police brutality. Additionally, 69% of black victims were nonviolent offenders (meaning victimless), and were unarmed, and police killed black people at higher rates than the national murder rate! So if there is a “war”, who’s the aggressing nation?

42 Shocking Police Brutality Statistics

To answer that, let’s look at hard numbers. WaPo has a tracker for total amount of people who have been shot and killed by police, for the past three years. In 2017, police killed 986 people. At least 69 of them were unarmed. 26 were “armed” with a toy. At least 237 were mentally ill. 326 were under 30. In 2018, police killed 992 people. At least 47 were unarmed. 34 were “armed” with a toy. At least 214 were mentally ill. 299 were under 30. So far in 2019, police killed 896 people. At least 37 were unarmed. 25 were “armed” with a toy. At least 163 were mentally ill. 257 were under 30.




So cops are killing a thousand civilians yearly, by way of average, and the amount intentionally killed doesn’t even reach 1K by the most generous estimates in DECADES, and there’s a WAR on THEM? Fuck you, if you even remotely think this.

Want to add to that? Vox reported on a study by RTI Intl, stating that:

“A 2015 study by RTI International, which conducted the analysis for the Bureau of Justice Statistics, found that from 2003 to 2009 and 2011, ARD captured approximately 49 percent of people killed by police, while SHR captured 46 percent. Neither system picked up about 28 percent of law enforcement homicides in the US, meaning more than one-quarter of police-caused deaths weren’t tracked at all under ARD or SHR.”


So police are killing in even higher numbers than reported, which might be why The Guardian had to start setting the standards for trackng them. In 2016, the project “The Counted” reported 1093 people killed by police. At least 170 were unarmed. 187 were under 24. It also lists deaths in 2015. 1146 people were killed by police. 235 were unarmed. 206 were under 24. Guardian also reported accurately that “US police kill more in days than other countries do in years”.



Another project, this time the “2017 Police Violence Report” from “Words to Action” and their “Mapping Police Violence” report, said 1147 people were killed in 2017. They map all killings – not just shootings, which they say accounted for 92% of deaths that year. They report that officers were charged with a crime in only 13 cases – not 13%, but 13 TOTAL – which means the government thought the rest were fucking reasonable. In the 569 cases from which they were able to ID officers, at least 14 had shot or killed someone before, and 12 had done it multiple times. Most of em were victimless offense stops, and 89 were in TRAFFIC stops. In the 170 cases where the suspect had nothing more than a knife, cops killed 69% of them without attempting ANYTHING less-than-lethal. And even though half were armed with a gun, 1 in 5 of those weren’t threatening. It’s real fuckin funny that cops, who are almost always armed, get to call someone having a gun an excuse to kill hundreds of em, and that’s not a war on the citizens, but when less than 100 of them die by gunfire, they’re being ASSAILED, by WAR.


But you’ll notice a theme… the more accountability police have been held to, the lower their kill count. Only 9 cases in 2017 had video evidence, and cops have a wild propensity to turn off their body-worn cams at uh… convenient moments. Now that more people are flexing their rights, and filming all cops, the numbers are decreasing. And you know what else is decreasing? Cop deaths. This year sees a decrease of LEO deaths by 23% as compared to the previous year, by the ODMP. Cops are constantly bitching that anything they do could end up on YT, and a lot of them will try to quell a citizen’s right to film them. Fuck those pigs. If you don’t want to be criticized about the bad job you’re doing, do a better job.


So why does all this matter? A guy who literally teaches “little man’s wing chun” felt the need to call for an open war on civilians recently. Upset with a “war on cops’ for which he presents no statistical backing, one which he claims Obama started, he proposes a maximization of the force used by LEOs. Check this out.

Now, to be fair, in the vid where he called for war, he also called for a drawdown on enforcement of laws on victimless offenses. Good. But the rest is a recklessness which will get innocents killed, if acted upon. Dominick Izzo trained police in Martial Arts for years. He also has an internet presence observed by many, a book, and a cigar line. He’s living well off his actions, and recently? His certs expired, and he’s not longer a cop. Here’s him discussing that, in an IG video. Since he’s a real boomer with how he films his vids, I’ll fill the margins with the symbol he literally used to use on his site.

So basically, now that he no longer has to personally deal with the consequences of what he’s suggesting, he feels a weight lifted off, and he wants other cops to lift the same weight of caring off that he did… and wage war on civilians. An absolute model citizen, this guy. But he’s not alone – an asshole named David Grossman has been promoting a “warrior cop” mindset for MANY years now, to THOUSANDS of cops. He believes that killing should become a “conditioned response”, to get around the “inner child” telling someone that killing people is wrong. He believes that cops need the same “social cleansing” warriors get after returning home, and likens the treatment of many officers to that of Vietnam vets. Seriously. Here are some clips of an interview he was in.

Make matters worse, this motherfucker actually FETISHIZES KILLING – no shit, seriously. A WaPo article by Radley Balko discussing a documentary called “Do Not Resist” had this to say.

“[T]he directors attended one of the many SWAT competitions across the country. One SWAT cop officer reflected on his first raid. “I was just trying not to smile. I thought it was so fun. I thought it was so cool,” he says. Since then, he says, he always loves to watch the “SWAT pups” (his term for first-year SWAT officers) on their first raid. “They’re always just smiling from ear to ear. They’re just on top of the world.” At risk of stating the obvious, the officers he’s describing are about to stage an armed, potentially lethal invasion of a private residence.

Fittingly, the most chilling scene in the movie doesn’t take place on a city street, or at a protest, or during a drug raid. It takes place in a conference room. It’s from a police training conference with Dave Grossman, one of the most prolific police trainers in the country. Grossman’s classes teach officers to be less hesitant to use lethal force, urge them to be willing to do it more quickly and teach them how to adopt the mentality of a warrior. Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castille in July, had attended one of Grossman’s classes called “The Bulletproof Warrior” (though that particular class was taught by Grossman’s business partner, Jim Glennon).

In the class recorded for “Do Not Resist,” Grossman at one point tells his students that the sex they have after they kill another human being will be the best sex of their lives. The room chuckles. But he’s clearly serious. “Both partners are very invested in some very intense sex,” he says. “There’s not a whole lot of perks that come with this job. You find one, relax and enjoy it.”

Grossman closes the class with a (literal) chest-pounding motivational speech that climaxes with Grossman telling the officers to find an overpass overlooking the city they serve. He urges them to look down on their city and know that they’ve made the world a better place. He then urges them to grip the overpass railing, lean forward and “let your cape blow in the wind.” The room gives him a standing ovation.”


FUCK! SERIOUSLY? If this is the guy training people to kill, no wonder so many CIVILIANS are dying, while bitches with badges cry about a “war” on them. If they’re constantly at war, anyway, because they’re warrior cops, the fact that so many people are dying is the GOAL, not the evasion! And it’ll make ya cum better!

Balko is an active opponent of the Warrior Cop mindset. He even wrote a whole book about it which almost NOBODY HAS FUCKING READ, which seriously pisses me off whenever I think of it – it’s one of the best, most thorough cases against modern police tactics, and it goes over the history of warrior cops, including civil rights abuses, getting retired military equipment to do drug busts, and getting qualified immunity when they fuck up, which happens frequently. Seriously, read his book. Damn.

Click to access RiseoftheWarriorCopTheMilitarizationofAmericasPoliceForces.pdf

Adam Conover also went over the abuse of military equipment and SWAT powers, citing the facts that 7% at most of the raids suit the original purpose of SWAT, it’s painfully easy to get them on scene, they barely ever find drugs or weapons, they use unnecessarily deadly tactics and hurt innocents, 10% of them go to the wrong address, 80K happened in 2014, and that it’s all because of the kinds of things Balko brought up in his book. Read that. And watch Adam’s special. Can’t stress it enough.

So what the fuck, man? Where’s this “war on cops”, and why does it look so much like the opposite?

Well another, better, retired cop, has an explanation. His Tedx talk is described like this: “Dean Crisp is a 30-year law enforcement veteran who proposes a new mindset for police departments. Rethinking police and community interactions can repair the often rocky relationship between law enforcement and those they protect and serve.” He was a chief, and he knows what he’s talking about, for the most part. Here’s him describing what a warrior cop is.

So why does he say this, then? Well, he had an experience one day which made him realize what unnecessary damage his warrior cop mentality could do. I’ll let him explain.

So what is his proposed solution? He proposes a “guardian” mindset in the community. A protector of the community, and one who remembers the cause he’s there for – to protect people… not be violent by default, but to be helpful primarily. It’s a great talk. Watch it. Share it with cops you know. It’s good. It’s really good.

But that’s precisely the problem – ever since 1981, when the bitchass “supreme court” ruled police have no duty to provide services to citizens, then compounded in 2005 by another bitchass SCOTUS, which said cops have no duty to protect someone, even when that person had obtained a MOTHERFUCKING PROTECTIVE ORDER.


So let’s get this straight – an average of ten times more civilians are killed by cops are killed at all,

accidents, poor choices, and health problems which comprise over half the annual deaths included, on average… and sometimes it’s an greater ratio than that. Cops are highly aggressive, and many trained to suppress their morality and kill or otherwise brutalize on impulse, and ignore cries for protection, so that’s exactly what they do, no matter the offense. There’s a huge amount of money going to policing, and almost NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

But all of this is longwinded. So here’s some fast facts:

Did you know getting killed by police is now a leading cause of death for black men?


Did you know that, by the numbers, police shoot and kill almost 1000 people a year, and that the number killed by police would be higher if they were forced to report all their numbers?




Did you know that since 2005, only 35 officers have ever been convicted of anything related to a Fatal on Duty shooting?


Did you know that, since 2015, US police have killed over 1200% more citizens than mass shooters?

US Police Have Killed Over 1,200% More Citizens Than Mass Shooters Since 2015

Did you know that cops have killed 450% more citizens in a three year period ending in 2017, than FOUR DECADES of mass shootings?

In 3 Years, Cops Have Killed 450% More Citizens Than 4 Decades of Mass Shootings COMBINED

Consistently, police are more dangerous to Americans than terrorists! Thousands can die at their hands over the last two decades, and the CITIZENS are the ones waging the wars? How is that even possible? Pro-tip. It isn’t.

A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

And when they’re not out killing people or threatening them with death, they do it to animals. The Puppycide database has recorded AT LEAST 2942 acts of violence since 1999, most of them resulting in death. It’s hilarious to me that people got upset enough over Alinity and Brooke Houts to try to cancel them, but when cops kill thousands of dogs, people still back the blue.


And when they get home, they keep their work of brutality with them, with an estimated minimum of 40% of them abusing domestic partners; and while that happens, less than half of those cases get prosecuted, as opposed to the 92% prosecution rate for commoners. And many departments don’t even have a policy regarding DV! With no recourse for their treatment, many police spouses stick with them, providing a lower than average national divorce rate. Sucks to be stuck in a bad situation, and know that the system which other people see as protectors will protect your abuser.



And while we’re at it, let’s also talk about suicide, because that kills more cops than citizens do! I guess if your job is to harass people, meet quotas, and kill to cure erectile dysfunction, you’d maybe see a little bit less flavor in life.

Study: Police Officers and Firefighters Are More Likely to Die by Suicide than in Line of Duty

PBS reported on the fact that we don’t even get to know how deadly police are, because they don’t track the numbers – they can kill you dead, but some of them don’t bother to say how many times it happens! You don’t even get to be a NUMBER! You’re less than DATA to some of these people! But by the data we have, cops have killed AT LEAST 8500 PEOPLE SINCE 2000! That’s more than twice the death toll of 9/11, and nobody talks about it! Fuck!


And while I’m hitting this, the HIGHEST gun fatality rate for cops for 55 years has been 280… in the 70s. It got close again in the beginning of the 2000s, but tapered off. Highest gun fatality rate cops endured since then was in 2014, at a total of 126 – right before this imaginary “war on cops” kicked off and cops started getting killed LESS and started killing MORE – how can this be a “war on cops”, when cop deaths have been in a gradual downturn for over half a century, and when citizen deaths have been at record highs?


I guess if this is a “war”? They’re winning. And they want to keep winning. And keep winning. Winning like Grossman trainee officer Buckeye, who fucked up an autistic son, completely unnecessarily. Or Other Grossman trainee Yanez, who gunned down Philando Castille in his fucking car for lawfully exercising his second amendment rights. You know… like Virginia’s currently trying to criminalize – “war on cops” notwithstanding.

Brutal Police Officer Knew Nothing of Autism, Parents Say

Trump’s video game meeting features ‘killology expert’ who encourages cops to use more lethal force


Grossman and his gross ilk claim to be the sheepdogs, watching over a passive populace incapable of violence, and protecting them from wolves – the type of dog that will use violence to offend, not defend. What he doesn’t say is the truth – the very mindset he us es to call the common HUMAN BEING a sheep is the same one that drives men to be his metaphorical wolf, and there’s often very little difference between the alleged sheepdogs and wolves, if any at all. Cops do internal investigations all the time, pairing crooked IA and twisted pigs to a case where any sort of public opinion would be against them, and claiming they found no wrongdoing. Pigs held accountable are often ones thrown to the wolves – sacrificial animals, as scapegoats for the sins of the force, and strawmen for the arguments against police brutality. “See? We handle our shit – you don’t need to do anything!” Bullshit. Meanwhile, Grossman says, “We are at war – and you are the front line troops in this war.” “There’s only one way out…Don’t be afraid of being sued…shoot.” “You will be vindicated.”



Training cops to kill

And when warlike conditions, like those at Parkland, are actually present? They’re not gonna protect you. They’re not the “good guys with guns”. They’ll hide outside, like Scot Peterson did.


And guys who do stop shootings? Be fucking careful, or pigs like Ian Covey will kill you for doing that, after they get there, and the situation’s diffused. Remember – they’re trained in escalation, and they’ll do it – they almost always do. And they’ll cum real good and hard that night, if Grossman has anything to say about it.


Balko says this in his book – and it’s true. “As I’ve written and spoken on this issue over the years, I’ve even had current and former members of the military tell me the object to the word militarization—not because they disagree with the basic premise of what’s happened to police departments in recent years, but because from their own experience, the military is more accountable and disciplined than many police departments today. Several have even told me that military raids on residences where they suspected insurgents may be hiding are done more carefully and with more deference to the rights of potential innocents than some of the SWAT raids they see and read about today. The police today may be more militarized than the military. Police officers today are a protected class, one no politician wants to oppose. Law enforcement interests may occasionally come up short on budgetary issues, but legislatures rarely if ever pass new laws to hold police more accountable, to restrict their powers, or

to make them more transparent. In short, police today embody all of the threats the Founders feared were posed by standing armies, plus a few additional ones they couldn’t have anticipated.”

But I digress… the point? No – there’s no war on cops. There is however, a war on liberty. A war on decency, transparency, humility, grace, reason, empathy, and logic. A war being used to expand a brutal, deadly state already vastly less libertarian than the one the Founders shot their way out of. A war against sense, subverting the humanity of all involved, to avoid thinking about the deadly consequences of this war, and moving us all into a state of complacent servitude, wherein the state is always right, and the common citizen is regarded as literally nothing more than a sheep to be herded. Step out of line and face deadly consequences. And hey, isn’t it amusing that the ones who can enter your home without your permission, search your car, your bags, your clothes, and inside your body (that is when they’re not outright sexually assaulting or raping you)…


… beat you, shock you, put chemicals on and in you, force you to give them blood, break your bones, take your kids, and more, all while getting away with it, can have the AUDACTITY to claim YOU started a WAR against THEM!

Look, Izzo might even have good intentions – he’s spoken out against police corruption before, and been widely featured in Truther publications about his speech. He’s said in the past that he wants to “bridge the gap” between the people and cops who want to be in their service.

He also got fired for backing Melissa Calusinski, a victim of police misconduct, opposing the drug war, and exposing his chief as aggressive. He knows dirty cops. He knows how sick the system can be. And now that he’s out, he’s calling for those same cops to act like the Punisher? I mean, in his vid about getting fired he even made the distinction that they’re public servants – not public punishers… now every cop should just fuck people up? Yeah, that’ll go well. If that becomes the new standard operating procedure, I’m totally sure nobody’s gonna construct stories about violent suspects to excuse their actio- oh wait… they already FUCKIN DO! And much more popular people, like Grossman, want them to feel good about it!

EXCLUSIVE: Good Cop Speaks Out Against Drug War, Blows Whistle on Chief — So Now He’s Being Fired

Mostly? I hope himself, and any other cop spreading the war on cops myth will watch this vid, consider my thoughts, and share them around. I know there will be animosity, but let’s be clear… there always was. The state is a gang of thieves, who gets what they have by violence. The Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned about has paid for weapons of war – real weapons of war, not civilian arms like AR-15s – and now those weapons are on our streets, being used against civilians. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the greatest period of disarmament has come alongside the greatest amount of deaths at the hands of police. They think they can get away with it, and so far they have. As Huey Newton said, “any unarmed people are slaves, or subject to slavery at any point.” So of course, since they can’t totally disarm us, all at once, they trickle it in, increase the amounts of laws on the books, and massively increase the gap between how much force the citizen can use, and the amount the state does. So my next message is to those civilians…

There is no war on cops. There is a war on you. The question is, what are you gonna do about it?

PS: Since I started writing this video, six more cops died. One more heart attack, one more 9/11 related illness, two more ran their car off the road, one of them hit a fellow cop car, not wearing a seatbelt, and was ejected from his car, and only one was intentional homicide. That actually lowers the ratio of cops murdered to dead by other means, and there’s still no war on cops.


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