#LearnToCode Files 1: @TeddyBearisms | #PushTheAlgo

With social media chiefs coming out on damage control so much recently, I thought it’d be funny to test their shit. It’s in that spirit I’m running two new series. The primary series is #PushTheAlgo, where I’ll be manually testing or exposing the algorithms companies use to run society. The series will include many such … Read more#LearnToCode Files 1: @TeddyBearisms | #PushTheAlgo

Vaccines, Measles, Sex Trafficking, Venezuela, and Bieber

The Weekly Hellscape

A little late, but at least not days. I need to argue on Twitter less. Child sex slavery, pop culture bullshit, and more war deaths. Oh, and that stuff in the title. This one’s a riproar. I got my groove back. PlayTheMan shoutout:   Well thankya – subbing to your YT now, BTW.https://t.co/IrTlQ2CMOw — Jeremiah … Read moreVaccines, Measles, Sex Trafficking, Venezuela, and Bieber