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MEGASHOW: Everything Awful Since The 9th, Pt 1.

Sorry it’s late again – my fault. Shoulda recorded yesterday. But it’s here now, and even bleaker than last week! Today’s show has plenty to get your blood boiling, and no culture segment. Couldn’t ft it n and still address everything I needed to. So what does this episode have? Massacres, drones, Anti-Vaxx suppression, and more… if you wanted rage at the police and Facebook today, you’ve come to the right place. Strap in.

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KY might be making a stand for gun rights! From Activist Post:

“Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has signed a bill into law making it legal for state residents to carry firearms concealed without a license and also fostering an environment more hostile to federal gun control.

A coalition of 11 Republicans sponsored Senate Bill 150 (SB150). Under the new law, it is now legal to carry a firearm concealed in Kentucky without a license.”

Kentucky Governor Signs “Constitutional Carry” Bill into Law

“Sound money advocates rejoiced today as the West Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 502 and sent it to Governor Jim Justice for his signature.

First passed in the West Virginia senate unanimously last month, the measure removes state sales taxation of precious metals, specifically on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.

State Senator Craig Blair (R-District 15) introduced SB 502 with the goal of encouraging precious metals purchasers to keep their investment dollars in the state rather making investments elsewhere. The bill impacts purchases of platinum, gold, palladium, or silver bullion valued upon its precious metal content, whether in coin, bar, or ingot form.”

West Virginia Legislature Votes to End Sales Taxation on Gold & Silver

That’s it for good news, and there’s a torrent of bad. So let’s hit it. We’ll start off with something light.

Facebook censored, then uncensored, Zerohedge, claiming it was a mistake.

On Monday, we first learned that for the previous two days, Facebook had banned all Zero Hedge content across its various mediums, as it went against Facebook’s “Community Standards” (which to the best of our knowledge, neither we not anyone else has any idea what they are), a decision which – as we noted yesterday – surprised us for two reasons: not only do we not have an official Facebook account, but Facebook did not approach us even once with a warning or even notification.

While we were in the dark about what had triggered Facebook, or what was the company’s motive, we were humbled and delighted not only with the media coverage this event received, but far more so with the outpouring of support we received from readers and across social media, where Zero Hedge had not been yet banned, like Twitter, where figures from various industries and across the political spectrum voiced support and came to our defense, with many condemning what we felt was an arbitrary decision.

An expanded Social Security has been proposed. This time, they want to gut more of the economy to boost the boomers, whose contributions have been trashed by inflation . From Mises:

“The Social Security 2100 Act would be the next episode. It would increase all retirees’ benefits (including current retirees who would pay nothing toward the boost) and increase the inflation (over)adjustment for benefits, picking future high-income earners’ pockets to pay for the vast majority of it, by taxing wage income beyond the $132,900 ceiling now in place (eventually to all wage income).

With the multiple Ponzi giveaways to recipients creating Social Security’s 13-digit unfunded liability and Medicare’s far larger one, how can the proposed law be rationalized? Without the benefit of being in the startup generation of earlier Ponzi expansions, the present generation is being forced to begin bearing some of the costs.”’s-ponzi-scheme

And while that happens, the US is at the debt ceiling again,  leading to the same normal debate and speculation.


Federal Borrowing Crosses the Rubicon

And two incidents of racism were sent to me by @ChadTwoCrows on Twitter, so here they are.

“Geri Musqua-LeBlanc, a First Nations elder who lives in Halifax, was not even planning to bring her traditional herbal medicine pouch on her holiday to the Dominican Republic.

It would have been much better to leave it at home, as it turned out, because an airport security officer’s “desecration” of the pouch during pre-boarding security screening brought Musqua-LeBlanc to near tears, and confirmed her sense that Indigenous spirituality is broadly ignored and rejected in civil society, especially airport security.

When she objected to opening the pouch and suggested putting it through the X-ray instead, a Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) supervisor even threatened to remove her from the airport unless she allowed the pouch to be opened, inspected, and as Musqua-LeBlanc sees it, defiled and ruined.”

This is similar to an incident last May, when a Sikh – whose religion mandates a turban in public – was hassled for doing just that, and may have only gotten through unscathed because he works for the government.

Bains describes being asked to remove turban by U.S. airport security

Plus, the Green New Deal student strike appears to have support from the Trilateral Commission, and also appears to be a wild, swinging power grab.

What’s more, the “poll” often cited to support it isn’t a poll – it’s a loaded, unscientific questionnaire, which targets very specific groups, andonly presents pros.

So this massive power grab might have support, but not nearly the support its proponents claim. In this episode, I also cite a blog post discussing massive, Orwellian measures which could complement GND and Davos agendas, in the form of BriefCam.

And while the US protests the climate for globalists, parts of the world are being barred from protest. For instance, the government of Chad has been blocking citizens from accessing the internet for a year now. Only 5% of Chad’s citizens can access it, against the UNHRC guidelines prohibiting barring internet access.

One year without internet in Chad: Citizens have been offline since March 2018

And speaking of barring protest, in Sudan, protests are actively banned, and after International Womens’ Day protesters were either caged and/or sentenced to public lashings for doing so, an anonymous group of protesters have set up protests to combat the ban.

Protesters In Sudan Are Defying President Bashir’s Nationwide Ban On Protest

And in Italy, parents protesting mandatory vaccinations will not be allowed to put their children in school.

Italy Joins the Anti-Vax War by Banning Unvaccinated Children from School

All this leads to domestic news where Chelsea Manning is imprisoned again for not testifying on a grand jury against Julian Assange.

Chelsea Manning: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Again

So if you’re protesting the way elites want you to, you get the day off from school – if not, you get no internet, lashings, and imprisonment. The elites treat us like children.

So now for the regular police brutality segment. In San Antonio, Texas, a cop came up and shot someone’s chihuahua, claiming it was severely injured. Photographs of the dog contest this claim, and so does the local animal services office, who, counter to claims made by police, claims they were never even informed of an animal in distress. A local pastor says his daughter ran inside after seeing the officer do it in cold blood, while the dog was behind a fence.

Little Girl Heartbroken After a Cop Killed Her Tiny Chihuahua in Her Fenced-In Backyard

While that happened, another set of cops almost beat a man into an oncoming train.

WATCH: Officers Beat Man With Batons for “Dribbling a Basketball” in the Subway

Another incident had a man who was kicked in the head while in handcuffs was told there would be no charges against him. And there weren’t until he decided to sue the department for the fractured orbital bone and TBI he got – now charges have been filed in apparent retaliation.

Another incident sees a man after a barfight be brutalized while handcuffed and in custody after officers claim a man spat on one of them. An officer kneed his head into a locker and a concrete wall, and landed some blows, then mocked the drunken, delirious man slipping in and out of consciousness, as the man said “oh no” (clearly incapable of coherence.

“Who’s Unconscious Now?”: Cop Snaps, Attacks Handcuffed Man and Gloats About It

Another won’t be receiving charges for a cop who beat his autistic son, and smashed his head into a wall.

No Charges for Cop Who Punched Autistic Boy in the Face, Smashed His Head into a Wall Repeatedly

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