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MEGASHOW: Everything Awful Since The 9th, Pt 2

Sorry it’s late again – my fault. Shoulda  recorded yesterday. But it’s here now, and even bleaker than last week! Today’s show has plenty to get your blood boiling, and no culture segment. Couldn’t ft it n and still address everything I needed to. So what does this episode have? Surveillance states, space lasers, AI control grid, and so much more. As some would say “wear your seatbelt”.

This season’s featured song is Sway, by Know Your Enemy – who graciously allowed me to use the song. It’s fucking criminal how unknown this band is. Go change that by liking their vid, subbing to their YT, and getting some merch if you really like it.


So this is it for positive.

Arkansas governor ended civil asset forfeiture in the state. From ActivistPost:

“There shall be no civil judgment under this subchapter and no property shall be forfeited unless the person from whom the property is seized is convicted of a felony offense that related to the property being seized and that permits the forfeiture of the property.”

And also from the same author, Mike Maharrey, Oklahoma just prohibited denial of gun ownership based on MMJ use.

Signed by the Governor: Oklahoma Law Prohibits Denial of Firearms Ownership Based on Medical Marijuana Use

And people are protesting Trump meddling in venezuela, so that’s good! From CommonDreams:

“Denouncing the “strangling” of the Venezuelan economy via sanctions and demanding the Trump administration allow the South American country to determine its own fate, pro-democracy protesters marched through Washington, D.C. on Saturday to demand, “Hands Off Venezuela!”

The demonstration came seven weeks after the Trump administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president, rebuking President Nicolas Maduro, who won re-election last May.”

On to the negative:

So before anything else, let’s cover the volcano explosion that happened Monday. From ActivistPost:

“On Monday night at precisely 9:38 PM, a massive explosion at Mt. Popocatepetl sent a column of volcanic ash nearly a mile into the sky. A “yellow alert warning” has been issued by the authorities, and they are ordering everyone to stay at least 12 kilometers away from the crater. They are stressing that the threat has not passed, and as you will see below, an evacuation plan is in place in case an even larger eruption follows. And if a much larger eruption does follow, the devastation could be off the charts. Mexico City is only 43 miles away from Mt. Popocatepetl, and approximately 25 million people live within a 60 mile radius of the crater…. We are talking about a disaster that could potentially kill millions.”

The Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted And Shot Ash Nearly A Mile Into The Sky

And if that’s not enough, here’s an article about the US basically developing mini nukes, and a plea to not start a nuclear holocaust.

“In a matter of minutes, as easily as sending a tweet, a sitting U.S. president could decide to launch a nuclear attack, without anyone else’s approval or authorization. In a matter of minutes, millions of lives would be lost, and millions of futures halted permanently.

At my organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility, we believe that we must prevent what we can’t cure. And there’s no cure for a nuclear war.

No nation on earth, including the United States, would have an adequate emergency response in the event of a nuclear exchange. Most Americans don’t want us to ever engage in a nuclear war, and the vast majority of us certainly don’t want the United States to be the ones to start a nuclear war.

The United States, like every other nation, has a vested interest in avoiding a nuclear conflict.

Yet unlike other countries, we currently have no policy against starting a nuclear war – or what experts call a “No First Use” policy.

This opens the door to a possible preemptive nuclear strike. That weakens our national security, and it puts all our health and safety at risk – for a nuclear war no one (except maybe President Donald Trump and John Bolton) wants.”

A Modest Proposal: Don’t Start a Nuclear War

Also Truthstream Media released a great vid detailing some of the concerns I keep expressing on Vax.

Not to feed anyone’s conspiracy theory, but TFTP reports on a reason the police in NZ were slow to respond:

“It took police officers in New Zealand 36 minutes to catch the terrorist who murdered 50 people in two Christchurch mosques last week. Dramatic footage shows that just two officers—only one of whom had a gun—apprehend the suspect after his bloody rampage. We are now learning that this response time would have been longer, but police happened to be conducting a drill nearby practicing for a similar attack.”

NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began

And while ZeroHedge is unbanned on Facebook, it and Dissenter, Gab’s “uncensorable comments section”, are both entirely banned in New Zealand! So much for “uncensorable”. What’s more, New Zealand threatens its citizens with 10 years in jail over possession of the file. So I put it on Mega to test the limits of their willingness to censor. We’ll see.

Also from ZeroHedge, many NZ residents have begun turning in their guns ahead of reforms.

“As New Zealand reels from Friday’s Christchurch mosque attack that left 50 dead and 50 wounded, Kiwis have started voluntarily surrendering their legally-owned semiautomatic firearms for destruction ahead of reforms promised over the next several days, according to New Zealand news outlet Stuff.

The reports of citizens disarming themselves come amid a Monday announcement by Prime minister Jacinda Ardern that several “in principle decisions” on gun control have been made by Cabinet ministers, and has praised residents who have surrendered their guns to police.”

Also, the NZ gov is calling for info to be seized from people on KiwiFarms, and the webmaster’s response is great.

And it apears much is being memory-holed about the incident itself.

Memory Hole New Zealand: News Reports Suggested 2 Shooters; IEDs Found Strapped To Multiple Vehicles; Suspect’s Strange Travel History

And one more from ZeroHedge, but on a different subject – France is throwing the military at Yellow vesters now.

“In an effort to clamp down on the unraveling security situation, which has lately seen banks and residential buildings torched, and luxury stores and restaurants vandalized and destroyed, the French authorities have announced the deployment of anti-terrorism military forces in order to protect and secure public buildings.”

So give em your guns why don’t ya – the militar- er, police will protect you! Except when they don’t – like how the “Trump Administration Imposes Visa Ban on ICC Staff Probing US War Crimes”.

“Human rights defenders expressed outrage on Friday after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the Trump administration is revoking or denying visas for any International Criminal Court (ICC) personnel who try to investigate or prosecute U.S. officials or key allies for potential war crimes.”

Trump Administration Imposes Visa Ban on ICC Staff Probing US War Crimes

All this while Google is being accused by the US government of aiding the Chinese military.

“‘We watch with great concern when industry partners work in China knowing that there is that indirect benefit,’ [Marine General Joseph Dunford] said.

‘Frankly, “indirect” may be not a full characterization of the way it really is, it is more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military.'”

And this comes alongside a report from Defense One that defense officials want $304,000,000 to study Directed Energy Weapons from space.

“So the Pentagon is undertaking two studies. The first is a $15 million exploration of whether satellites outfitted with lasers might be able to disable enemy missiles coming off the launch pad. Defense officials have said previously that these lasers would need to be in the megawatt class. They expect to finish the study within six months.

They’re also pouring money into a study of space-based neutral particle beams, a different form of directed energy that disrupts missiles with streams of subatomic particles traveling close to light speed — as opposed to lasers, whose photons travel at light speed.”

And while you consider that impact, the Green New Deal appears to have international backing from globalist radicals. From Technocracy News and Trends:

“The Green New Deal is the total encapsulation of Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, in a political form. All of its rhetoric is about economics but the plea is for political action to allow it to happen. As with the Trilateral Commission in 1973, which claimed it was never about politics but rather economics, they hijacked the U.S. Executive Branch in order to execute their economic policies. It was never about political power per se, but rather about economic accumulation.”

And more on his site about how it’s backed by the Club of Rome.

While that happens, speaking of technocracy, MassPrivateI reported MLB is using facial recognition to monitor entrants to ballparks, instead of using tickets.

And WeAreChange made a vid on how your face has already been collected without your consent by IBM, and how they’re using the photos to program AI, improving it so less ‘false positives’ happen.

“WTF A.I Facial Recognition Is Now Becoming SJW Inclusive”

And MassPrivateI reported that police are using facial recognition to catch shoplifters.

“The speedy investigation was made possible by Amazon’s Rekognition, facial recognition software that let the Washington County Sheriff’s Office create its own searchable database of county jail mugshots.”

So with all that out of the way, let’s get to what government does when it catches up with you, and hit our police brutality and misconduct section, shall we?

A man was brutalized over an alleged stolen car, and after suffering significant facial injuries, is suing the department.

Another cop played school bully and tried to beat up a kid because he claims he was assaulted. Kid was later exonerated by security footage, but only after getting slammed into a wall repeatedly, and more.

Cop Said He Beat Up a Kid After the Kid Shoved Him, But Video Shows That was a LIE

In another, police say a handcuffed girl shot herself in the head while in a cop car in handcuffs. Story doesn’t add up.

Police Claim Teen Shot Herself in the Mouth With Hands Cuffed Behind Her Back During Traffic Stop

Another cop hurled racial slurs while forcing one man to expose his genitals, force fed another an entire bag of gummy bears, and forced another to twerk for her in a dress, while she laughed.

Cop Arrested for Forcing Mentally Ill Man to Dance, Force Feeding Man Gummy Bears and Filming It

Another officer lied about a woman being violent, and wrestled her to the ground, where he, and three other officers worked on her.

After another cop got off scot-free after running a guy over with a bulldozer for growing weed for personal use, the family is suing.

Other officers won’t face charges for killing a six year old boy while trying to kill his unarmed mother, suspected of stealing a car.

No Charges for Cops Who Killed 6yo Boy While Trying to Kill an Unarmed Woman

Another officer got spit on by a naked woman in mental health crisis, and hit her “eight or nine times” for it, as has been confirmed by newly released body cam footage. Chief says he acted in accordance with training. Some training.

Another cop just got charges dropped for killing an unarmed, compliant therapist trying to talk an autist down.

Cop Shoots Unarmed Therapist on Video for Helping an Autistic Boy and Gets Off Scot-Free

And finally, a woman who was responding to an alarm that went off at a residence she was shortlisted for was slammed and run over by a cop in a truck, who was using the phone and driving. Officer even tried to lie about it. The family is now suing over the incident two years ago, and as a result, we now have video.

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