“StOp ThE iNfIgHtInG!”

“StOp ThE iNfIgHtInG!”
Anarchists and libertarians talk a big game about community policing, but when it comes time to do it, and burn some fucking bridges that lead to statism, a lot of them act like it’s uncouth. It ain’t.
I did the same thing with pedophiles and tankies in the “anarchist and libertarian community” that I’m doing with the Nazis and Nazi apologists now. Also with the Trumpets who say he’s literally SENT BY GOD. Keeping my promise of hitting the right just as hard as I hit the left. But so many alleged “anarchists” are defending those I’m exposing. Fine, I’ll expose you too.
And many more are saying “muh stop infighting”, suggesting we can still “smash the state” with someone backing it up. Bullshit! Fuck you!
I support legitimate coalitions. I’m here for the shared struggle. But these sick fucks aren’t. They’re here to co-opt your movements for liberty, and claim the only way to be libertarian is to accept peoples’ will to threaten it. Often, those saying “don’t tread on me” have no problem treading on others, and simply want the freedom to do so with no consequences. So what’s to be done?
Do you want anarchy associated with pedophilia? Do you want it associated with Lenin? With Hitler? IT’S FUCKING UP TO YOU TO SEPARATE THEM!
But what happened when I tried that over the past few days? Well, it started with this post – then this one, then these two. And it’ll keep going as long as it goddamned takes.
Anarchy is no home to people who justify brutality and exploitation. You can’t sit with us. You’re not welcome. At least, that’s what we should be saying. Instead, whenever fucking goddamned anyone starts meaningful shit in these circles, they’re being a “lolbert” or “infighting”.
NEWSFLASH, FUCKNUGGET: if a group of people are justifying statism, even so far as to soften the atrocities committed by NAZIS, guess the shitkicking hell what? THEY AREN’T ANARCHIST, SO I’M NOT INFIGHTING!
And watch! the chief complainers about this post will accuse me of “No TrUe ScOtSmAn”, because they can’t actually disprove what I’m saying. It’s not that either. Anarchy is a philosophical basis, and people pushing statist nonsense like “And as for the Jews, if they were doing to Weimar Germany what they’re doing to America, forced labor is a fitting punishment”? They don’t fucking qualify!
No. You piece of shit. You utter garbage. If anarchists mean shit they say, they’ll put that scum so far away it gets swallowed by the sun.
If they won’t, they can shut the fuck up about their image. They can be silent about how bad infighting makes us both operate and look. Because if “infighting” with the obviously statist elements infiltrating our ranks makes us look bad…
Like the outside can see us as Nazi apologists, but the moment we call each other out, THAT’S the bad look? The same thing happened when I called out pedophiles, too – Hoploo even called me out on my alt account on Twitter, and claimed I was running a “witch hunt”, despite the thread full of conclusive evidence to the contrary.
If anarchy is to succeed, it has to be radically different to statism, and the kinda bullshit I’ve countered today is the same as I’ve always countered, but Adam Mitchell has 738 mutual friends with me, and many of them probably don’t even know he believes these things. Worse than that, there are some people backing him up,  and many others who won’t help spread the word about him, to avoid pissing off someone “high up”, or to avoid being accused of the cardinal sin of “infighting” and “causing drama”.
Add to that? He’s one person. So is Tripp. There are thousands of “anarchists” out there with ideas just as bad as his, who get away with spreading them, scot-free, most of the time, since people don’t want to rock the boat.
And if “anarchy” is to head in this direction, with no signs of stopping, fuck the boat! Fuck the shipmates poking holes in the hull for “lulz”, fuck the anti-in fighting assholes who have us heading straight for the iceberg for fear of being ostracized by the obtuse fucking captain smelling enough of his “odorless” exhaust to create a fog bank, and fuck the people riding this boat to a watery grave. I’m out. I’ll get my own boat.
People are going to criticize me, cause “but i thought you were about building coalitions!” I am. With people truly interested in ending the state. Not hangers-on, exploiting our momentum while simultaneously dragging us down. Only so long before all this fucking dead weight stops us entirely, and prevents us from ever seeing a stateless society.
The other week, I said “Friendly reminder that anarchy isn’t conservatism. It’s impossible to “anarchically” force tradition on people.” I meant it. Anarchy is about moving forward, and trying a brand new society under a brand new paradigm of freedom and justice.
I also responded to a  request to define what a libertarian is, in 140 characters or less. I said “A libertarian is one who seeks not to rule, and abhors the rulership of themselves. In valuing their liberty, they threaten others’ naught.” I mean that too. That means people who threaten it need to “get out of my rowboat“, or I’ll kick em off. Just wait – even the mere suggestion of that will get people claiming I’m “not a real anarchist”. The irony will be sweet.
So next time you’re bringing up legitimate beef with someone in the “anarchist community”, only to be told “stop infighting”, or “can’t we all just get along?” Keep doing what you’re doing. Either your rage will be vindicated or a weakness exposed to need working on. Either way, it’s more productive than allowing the rot permeating “alternative” circles to continue festering and weakening our foundations.
If you see a Nazi, call em out. Same with the pedos, the tankies, the Trumpets and the sHills. Put em on blast. Expose em. Do it with reason, and asserted firmness. Or put some flavor into it, and really fuck em up – audiences love that, and yours might grow in the process. Anarchists love to say we don’t need police, and we can handle our problems on our own. If the person you’ve demonstrated an error to is authentically interested in anarchy, they’ll thank you for it. If all they want to do is be an entryist, and manipulate the ideals of anarchy to statist ends, they were never “with us” to  begin with.
Act like it.