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So I posted this a few days ago, but honestly forgot to push the transcript and sources to my site. This is that. Alex Booth hasn’t been proven to have done most of the things of which he was accused, yet social media rushed to convict him. Sounds like he could use some defense.

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Recently a situation arose that got the gun rights community up in arms. An Instagram story posted by a libertarian who goes by the name @Whiskey_Warrior_556 on Instagram, real name “Alexander John Booth”. I found that name because unlike many of the people talking about this, I actually looked into it. I looked into it enough to know that the government is spreading a lot of unsubstantiated claims and outright misinformation. Other people are too, and i was one of them, but I’ll get into that later. The real point? A man’s character is being assassinated – in this piece, I’ll explore whether or not the attacks are warranted. Spoiler, given all available info, most of them aren’t. Let’s hit it.

His IG Story, Transcribed

“For the record, I have no guns on me, whatsoever. Magazines? Empty. #HSGI #Taco #Boogaloo WoopWoop”

“Redcoats, fuck off.”

“I’ve got the high ground. Don’t underestimate my power, redcoats.”

“This is behind the scenes action. Mildly autistic, because as my handle says, ‘whiskey warrior’.”

“So, here we are. Crikey. We got pigs on our left, and pigs on our right.”

“And we got an unarmed patriot in his house. Because you think they’re gonna come to you, guns blazing, rolling deep. In your fortress house. No, they’re gonna be shiesty faggots – pussies.”

“They’ll show up at your job, and arrest you, without due process or constitutional rights – they will humiliate you, just because of hearsay. Oh, just-doing my job.”

“Oh, how’d that work out for the fuckin Nazis? You don’t make the laws, but enforcing them is kinda worse, right?”


“Serious question to the boys in blue – thin blue line – what’s it like to arrest someone on the grounds of ‘high capacity magazines’?”

“30 rounds is standard capacity, just for the record. What’s it like to know that the founding fathers would shit on you?”

“Just a legit question for anyone who wants to answer. Cops, ATF, FBI, all of you. Inquiring minds want to know.”

“Just for the record, high capacity is 30 rounds and above, like them Surefire 60s. Merica.”

“Fucking redcoats. APC on American soil. Redcoats.”

“Update: I told the negotiator get me something in writing that I won’t do jail time, or there will be blood.”

“Me vs the negotiator. Save lives. Stop the game. This won’t end the way you think.”

“Read coats are threatening to turn off the internet/cell phone if I don’t comply. Please help. I want a peaceful resolution.”

Official responses from Sheriffs


The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has been inundated with calls and social media messages from citizens expressing concern about a police response in the Town of Carmel. The incident was widely reported to be a law enforcement effort to seize firearms under “Red Flag” laws. This information is incorrect. The law enforcement response and subsequent arrest was related to a domestic violence investigation. The citizen involved is safe and in police custody.
The incredibly high volume of phone calls, emails and social media messages has overwhelmed our systems and shutdown our ability to communicate with our community. While we respect the right of all citizens to inquire about law enforcement activity, we urge you to respect the needs of our community and restore our ability to serve them. Thank you.

Press Release -Town of Carmel Police Department

On 11/23/2019 at approximately 2:19 PM, a member of the Town of Carmel Police Department was in the area of 50 Putnam Drive investigating a prior domestic incident involving the 28 year old resident Alexander Booth. The officer hearing what he believed to be a gunshot come from the residence requested backup. When additional officers arrived Mr. Booth was observed in his doorway acting in an agitated state before returning inside his garage apartment and barricading himself. As a safety precaution officers evacuated the neighboring houses and alerted the Putnam County Emergency Response Team and Negotiation Team.

Negotiators made contact with Mr. Booth and after six hours of discussion they were successful in convincing him to surrender without incident. Thanks to their tireless efforts no civilians or police were harmed.

Alexander Booth was subsequently arrested on a felony warrant issued by Town Justice Jacobellis stemming from the previous domestic incident. Mr. Booth was charged with Penal Law 140.25 Burglary 2nd Degree a class C felony; 140.15 Criminal Trespass a class A misdemeanor; 215.50 Criminal Contempt 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 240.30 Aggravated Harassment 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 155.25 Petit Larceny a class A misdemeanor. He was arraignment in Carmel Town Justice Court.

At the conclusion of this incident NO weapons or ammunition feeding devises were found or seized, despite numerous false social media posts to the contrary.

The Town of Carmel Police Department was assisted by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety’s Special Response and Negotiation Teams.


Now just to clear the air, I don’t endorse everything he says. I don’t co-sign his language just cause I’m calling social media on their bullshit again. Not a fan of his word use, especially “shiesty”. You can look at my site for my recent discussion of that kinda thing. I also don’t think it automatically informs his beliefs that he used that word, any more than someone saying they got “gypped” would. I thought it was important nonetheless to get that out there. One of the reasons I ripped his IG story is that I figured he’d be banned for using language like he used.

I also want to say I got a detail wrong, because I didn’t look closely enough – it wasn’t a red flag. Although his guns had been seized previously, which is likely what he referenced in his IG story. It’d be a fair assumption to make that he legitimately thought the previous order was a red flag warrant. But he didn’t even call it that, based on any publicly available info. We’ll get into that. Still, whether or not it was a RF, it functioned the same way – the state has someone’s guns, and no crime had been proven to have been committed, at least according to what is now known. I’ll also get into that.

But this story fuckin pissed me off. Not because of him, but because of peoples’ reaction to official statements. No matter how reasonable he was at the time, he’s been called a “liar”, and accused either falsely or spuriously of a host of things. So have people who initially supported him. Some pro-troop and pro-pig sites posted factually inaccurate and inadequate bullshit, and people lapped it up like the record had been corrected, and the final say had been had. Well I’m here to say fuck that. A bunch of disingenuous statist cultists are tarring a man, no evidence required, and any just society requires a condemnation of such falsehoods. So consider this their sentence to fire.

Also, gonna include some stuff from two prominent vids which show up in Youtube, and the two most prominent articles dismissing him, from ConnectingVets and 2A Cops. Mrgunsngear and 180 Second Ideas both put out vids parroting some of the stuff I’ll be dismantling. Plenty more said the same thing, and this will give you proof I’m not full of shit when I say these things are being said. Time to hit these lies.

One of the lies people are spreading is that it wasn’t his home he was holed up in. This is easily disproven by a simple property search. The SWIS is 372000 and the Tax ID is 76.9-3-16. Fucking look it up yourself, and stop believing people on the internet. Other than me though.

Another lie is that he was “fully decked out” in military gear – he said exactly what he had on him – he was completely disarmed, except one knife. And he was also clear about his “loadout” – a High Speed Gear Incorporated MODULAR PLATE CARRIER – BRAVO, with soft Taco magazine slots THAT WERE COMPLETELY EMPTY. The pigs found no guns in the house, despite having claimed the reason for the amount and severity of enforcement officers on scene was that “they thought they heard gunshots”. They even EVACUATED A RADIUS, which unironically makes me laugh fucking my ass off. “We heard a bang – quick, send in an MRAP!” Couldn’t have just been a slamming door, or a backfiring car in shitass, New York – it had to be a gun. Oh, and it absolutely couldn’t have been an outright lie designed to justify establishing a perimeter around the house, should any boogaloo enthusiasts show up to breakin. Pun absolutely intended. Fuck you.

Speaking of lies, there are lies, damned lies, and “allegations”. I can allege that Trump and Obama fuck while Melania flicks a bean to it and Michelle pisses in her mouth. Yet everyone’s acting like a judge, calling it “case closed” based purely on allegations made by the wife. She alleges a call was made where he threatened her with a shotgun. Did anyone pushing this have a recording? I don’t. So I also don’t fuckin buy it. Not even for a penny – and pennies aren’t even worth the calories used to bend and pick em up at material and fiat inflation rates, much less the amount necessary to successfully flick a Lincoln ad a two-bit media harlot pushing baseless claims. Oh – the cops agree with them? I don’t give a fuck, and neither should you. The cops don’t say they have a recording either. Don’t you think they’d say something if they had material evidence? But no – they just accuse him of “menacing”, based on an allegation alone. If he is an abuser, their charges won’t even hold up in court like this. And it’s the same with Sheri’s allegations that Alex was simply “standing over her” as she awoke. Maybe? Or maybe she invited him for a parlay, and it didn’t go her way. Maybe she’s the bad guy, and none of the people involved in saying he is have any proof – other than violating a protective order by being in his own home. I’m not, unlike her, making allegations though. All I’m doing is saying there’s more than one possibly true side here. People who disagree, and have the same amount of evidence I do? They’re contributing to a huge problem this society has – convicting someone over social media. You don’t need to have an opinion about everything, and forming one here is ill advised, but sreading it, and pushing the idea it’s the only acceptable one to have? Actual trash.

As to the “BUT IT WASN’T A RED FLAG THO – HE’S A LIAR” flock of parrots, I’ve fuckin looked, and i can’t find shit where he actually claimed he was being red-flagged. His IG story didn’t say it, the chats I found didn’t say it, and I can find nothing to confirm that was particularly his report. Don’t let that stop you though, netwarriors – you have a DOMESTIC ABUSER to thwart. Allegedly. So what does he actually face charges of? Because he’s not a liar, so let’s see what the government says; no way they could be liars either.

“[He was] arrested on a felony warrant issued by Town Justice Jacobellis stemming from the previous domestic incident. Mr. Booth was charged with Penal Law 140.25 Burglary 2nd Degree a class C felony; 140.15 Criminal Trespass a class A misdemeanor; 215.50 Criminal Contempt 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 240.30 Aggravated Harassment 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 155.25 Petit Larceny a class A misdemeanor.”

Now whether or not any of these charges have substantial evidence, and whether or not they’ll stick? That’s another story. I’ll leave it up to someone like Viva Frei to figure out the legal shit – even though I’ve helped a significant amount of people through legal noise, I’m not a lawyer, I’m just an unpaid asshole. Donations in the bottom 🙂

So what claims are ConnectingVets and 2A cops making? Well, they’re not journalists, that’s for fucking sure. They’re taking sides, and playing court, acting like they have evidence when they don’t, and outright lying about what they know. A good example is this claim, where they reported “Booth’s estranged wife called police when she awoke to find him at her home, standing over her in her bed” – acting like that’s a “fact” and not an allegation is intellectual dishonesty. Fuck Jack Murphy for automatically claiming she was right with no proof. Jack Prooflack continued his assault on reason by saying “While he did say at one point that he wanted a peaceful resolution to the matter, he was dressed in his Army uniform and wearing a plate carrier with a knife strapped to it as seen in video footage he streamed on social media.” So the fuck what, Jack? In camp they teach you the same as all other gun courses – you shoot center mass. If he wanted a peaceful resolution, one can safely assume he didn’t include getting dead in that statement. You protect your abdomen around people who might shoot you if you like breathing. Dumb takes are dumb. And “HE HAD A KNIFE THOUGH!” So? If some pig rushed up into the house so he could get within 55 yards, and “discharge his duty weapon” into Booth, booth mighta wanted some minor CQC protection should he close more distance. A knife versus all those guns can only be a defensive threat – what a dumb point. the rest of the piece is just dumb, servile bootlicking and government parroting, so let’s move on to 2ACops. vThey start their piece claiming “Whiskey_warrior_556 went live on Instagram and claimed the cops were there, at his house, trying to serve a red flag order to get a 30 round P-mag from him”. Well [citation needed] – far as I know he never actually said he was being redflagged. It goes on to say “Booth and his wife had a domestic violence incident” as though they have proof – again, these scumsucking statists don’t like an anti-cop libertarian drawing attention to an ant-cop instagram. So they’re just believing the wife’s allegations, and embellishing while they’re at it. She ACCUSED him of threatening her with a shotgun over the phone. No actual violence happened, much less “Booth and his wife had a domestic violence incident”. They go on to lie that he “apparently likes to smack around his soon to be ex-wife” – this was never even charged by pigs, who threw the fuckin boook at him. Liar Matt Silvey doesn’t give a fuck about the truth though. They have a narrative to uphold, damn it. That’s why, after not being careful about who they suppoort, by blindly believing everything the wife said, they said “you really need to be careful about what you say, and who you support, especially those who you support without question.” Oh really? REALLY? Then why didn’t you question the wife? She’s beyond reproach or something? Bullshit, you virtue signaling cuck. Shut the fuck up.

And with all this im mind, the only real “lie” anyone has any evidence of – which might be faked, are two screenshots – on where he allegedly said “being attacked for having pmags” (which I cant find anywhere), and one where he allegedly said a veteran buddy of his threw him under the bus. Yeah, maybe both of those were lies – or maybe he was wrong. We don’t have access to his comms with negotiators, and assuming they didn’t fuck up the relay is asinine. Again – that part about not blindly believing people apparently only applies to Booth and his supporters. Wife and cops are saints who can’t lie or fumble the ball. Fucking ace logic there.

But clearly, the worst possible outcome here THAT CAN BE PUBLICLY AND FACTUALLY VERIFIED is that he violated a protection order to break into his own home. From a libertarian perspective, that “crime” seems pretty victimless. The rest of it is allegations, and no evidence. So congratulations, social media court, you’ve convicted a man in a kangaroo court, and why? Because an allegedly pro-veteran site, a pro cop site, and the official Sheriff’s FaCIAbook told you to. Yeah, he could be a scumbag, and if it’s ever PROVEN, this vid’s getting a sequel. However, as someone who’s been called a Nazi, misogynist, bigoted, racist, tankie SJW, pro-war police brutality supporter, and more, all with zero proof provided, I can tell you it chaps my ass drier than death valley when people pull this shit and don’t back it. I’ve come out in the past against #BelieveWomen, because women can be pieces of shit too, and someone’s sex doesn’t substitute a reasonable standard of evidence. This is a prime example of this – based on hearsay alone, y’all want this man cancelled? Fuck outta here. And there’s some great timing on this, because Simian Jimmy rustler just came out with a vid where someone else got needlessly cancelled, and fair use lets me use this tiny clip in my vid.

Yeah – black men were hung by the neck until they died on the allegations of one white woman. “But the cops said she said he did it!” And cops never lie? Women never lie to cops, or anyone else? Like I said on Twitter. “You should be glad your courts aren’t on social media. You should be glad your “jury” isn’t the internet. It’s a good thing the number of likes and shares you get doesn’t determine your criminal status. If mob justice with no due process appeals to you, you might be a cultist.” And it’s likely no coincidence that the ADL came out with a trash article claiming Boogaloo was for white supremacists and alt-righters days after all this went down. A man is being smeared, so why not tar him with that shit as well?

Look – all I’m saying is this ain’t as simple as the copsuckers, wine aunts, and parrots want it to be. Again – if more ACTUAL FACTS come out, I’ll be happy to make a sequel to this vid. But for now, you ain’t got what I don’t got, and she ain’t got it either. So fuck the police, redden the redcoats, and get ready for the boogaloo. I was very pleased with the response to this. Someone on FB accused me of looking “just as bad” as the people saying he did the shit she accused him of. Horseshit! Like I told him – a standard of evidence and presumption of innocence are hugely valuable, and inherently necessary to justice. Defending someone from baseless accusations is not equal to accusing them baselessly. How absurd. I don’t think I look stupid by presuming innocence until guilt is proven. In fact, I think that’s always how real justice has been. Pretty funny people are trying to change that. His response? “Better to err on the side not possibly defending a woman beater imo.” Then never defend anyone – everyone could be something bad, so evidence, facts, reason, and justice don’t matter. Good strategy. And by the way, not even his wife accused him of being a “woman beater”, as though the sex even means shit to begin with. Men are about equally vics of DV, and they also underreport. A woman hitting a man is almost always seen as either “cute”, “empowering” or both – where’s your tears for the men? Oh, I forgot – women and cops can’t lie. Kinda conflicting when you look at how many cops are found to beat their spouses tho. Really puts a short in the ol statesucking circuit.

Anyway, this vid has about run its course. I’m in watchful waiting status. Until more info comes out, I’m presuming his domestic violence and menacingly standing there charges are untrue – because presumption of innocence until the proving of guilt is how justice goddamned motherfucking works, not gobbling whatever cock the state lays down in front of you. The real assault that is curently provable is the brainraping of the average citizen, whereby “official information” is the only truth, and any dissenter is simply wrong, and whereby we will self-police and snitch, and outright lie about what we allegedly “know”, when all we really have is government telling us how it is. Fuck that. I’m not a slave and you shouldn’t be either. Shake off the chains binding your soul, and kill all the cops in your mind – don’t let them own what you think. The real boogaloo will start with your own self-determination, and public enemy #1 will always be a human whose mind is free. So be proud if you’re the enemy – and never stop smashing the state.



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