Meet A Blocklist | @net_crnet


Welcome to a series where I go over a blocklist I was added to, or one someone sent me! What is a blocklist, you ask? A blocklist is a thing primarily used by idiot cowards to remain both. It’s a way for a social media user on a site with API to use that to … Read moreMeet A Blocklist | @net_crnet

Establishment LIES About #CovingtonCatholic | Bluechecks Encourage VIOLENCE

Heated Tension - Media Lies | MAGA vs Native American Veteran

If there’s one thing you can trust the establishment to do, it’s lie. A rather disgusting example of this sort of lying is the case of the #CovingtonCatholic. If all you did was believe the mainstream media headlines, which are all screeching in unison against this child, you might get the impression that a howling … Read moreEstablishment LIES About #CovingtonCatholic | Bluechecks Encourage VIOLENCE