Alex Booth | @Whiskey_Warrior_556

So I posted this a few days ago, but honestly forgot to push the transcript and sources to my site. This is that. Alex Booth hasn’t been proven to have done most of the things of which he was accused, yet social media rushed to convict him. Sounds like he could use some defense. Also, … Read moreALEX BOOTH | @WHISKEY_WARRIOR_556 – LIES DEBUNKED!

No, Bitcoin Is Not Fiat Currency | WTF?

I guess we’re doing this. For some reason, using Google doesn’t do well enough for some people, and I need to write a thing on this. Given a conversation I recently had with some folks I normally respect, it’s become clear to me that this is a matter of undue contention. And yeah, I do … Read moreNo, Bitcoin Is Not Fiat Currency | WTF?

Establishment LIES About #CovingtonCatholic | Bluechecks Encourage VIOLENCE

Heated Tension - Media Lies | MAGA vs Native American Veteran

If there’s one thing you can trust the establishment to do, it’s lie. A rather disgusting example of this sort of lying is the case of the #CovingtonCatholic. If all you did was believe the mainstream media headlines, which are all screeching in unison against this child, you might get the impression that a howling … Read moreEstablishment LIES About #CovingtonCatholic | Bluechecks Encourage VIOLENCE