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Family Says They’re Being FORCED Onto Smart Meter, Despite Medical Concerns

Yesterday, I received a message from a longtime follower claiming his family was being forced to install a smart meter, five feet from where his mother works. For longtime followers of my content, you all know I talk about technocracy frequently. If you follow me on Twitter, you have seen posts about these smart meters. So it’s understandable that someone would see me as someone to whom they could speak freely about this. The following is an informal Twitter interview, combined with footage he sent of a conversation he had with the utility gestapo, threatening to sic the cops on people pleading for time, information, and understanding. It’s hard to listen to, and whether or not you buy the health concerns, the unfeeling way both IPL employees responded should be enough to get hairs standing.

So first, let’s look at the video. If you don’t have 35 minutes to spare, he basically detailed what happened in his messages.

So let’s be clear – he wasn’t threatening in the least. He was pleasant at some points, and outright pleading at others. Listening to the video is like hearing the stages of grief. All the while someone is trespassing, acting as a middleman for further trespass. He can’t even look at the people he’s talking to. Just looks down and stands there with the phone, like a deactivated drone. So what did the family send me? This is the message, as follows, exactly as he sent it.

“We’ve been knowing about the “smart meters” for about 10 years I guess…and are glad you do what you do. Unfortunately, we always thought that wouldn’t have to us…we were wrong. It ALREADY had happened to us and we didn’t even know it. In fact, it wasn’t until IPL came to “check the meter” did we realize that we already have a hybrid mechanical top with a “cellnet” bottom that was secretly installed in like 2000…before anyone knew of smart meter dangers and really used the internet for video…YouTube didn’t even exist. Well, since October, they’ve been stopping by like once a month to “check the meter” but they then refuse to once we say we don’t want a “smart meter”…we think they do this so they can have a leg to stand on that we are denying service and they can lie and say they can’t read the meter. We started filming them after one guy had a cell phone’s camera sticking perfectly out of his shirt pocket. We said “that very dangerous to put your phone against your body like that…and why is it there? Are you filming us?” He promptly mumbled “no” & left…so we had are cameras ready for the next guy. His name was Brian and he refused to give us his name at first. He lied on camera and said “I’m here to check the meter” and we said “Okay, come on back” and he quickly said “I’m here to change the meter”…we said “Woah, what? Nah, no…you just said something different…we don’t want that meter.” We filmed him trying to say it’s like cell phones and that “imagine what the military has” which we know they have RF tech that causes alopecia in soldiers who wear it like Jammer Packs to stop IED signals. He claimed he didn’t know anything about police being used by power companies, etc…etc. Today, another man came and said he needed to check our meter because it’s not working. (It is working…fine…they just won’t check it manually…and they’ve been estimating our bills…this past month…$500 FUCKING DOLLARS BRO…who can pay that?) We said you can test it but we don’t want a new meter…and he stepped back and wouldn’t go into the yard to check the meter and get the reading. He called a lady above him…while we filmed him on Periscope. (Despite having data and wifi on, the scope was very grainy and dropped in some places but the sound is crystal clear.) The lady says the meters are safe…like cell phones…she compares them to TV…she says there is no opt out…there will be no opt out…and if we don’t accept the meter…they will bring the police and they will forcefully change it or cut our power off completely. The big deal here is…my Mother works from home. She has a metal medical implanted knee and she works 5′ from the meter. We asked them to give us time to work with contractors to get quotes to move the meter away from her & into the backyard, we asked for medical device safety test data that will show she’s safe, we asked for a meeting with higher ups, we asked for time to have her doctor look at the medical device safety test data and give his permission to have that installed by her, we asked for understanding of our rights to be safe & be informed. The lady is obviously not going to help us…the guy was smirking and hiding his face…it’s really sad actually. So maybe you can share this video & get the attention of some lawyer or attorney who can hlelp us know what we can do to protect our family who works right by this meter with a medical implant that will act as an antenna and mutate her DNA. That’s why we don’t even use a microwave. We have the wifi far away from us and turn it off at night…now we are hardwiring it so we don’t have to risk the dangers of hacking & RF exposure over long periods of time. (We all work from home.) Anyways…please help us if you can. Sincerely, Dustin & Our Family 317-292-7542″

I responded after watching the video by saying I could copy and paste his story into my site, and asked him if he could elaborate on the medical conditions causing him concern. He responded like this:

“She has a medically implanted replacement knee that will act as an antenna. She has had surgeries through out her life and a few years ago she slipped and destroyed her knee all over, requiring a metal implant. She works from home, after 40 years of working in the nursing field…she’s finally able to work from home and the damn meter is 5′ away from her.

IPL won’t provide any tests or studies they’ve done to ensure the safety of medical implants & pacemeakers…they claim there is no risk but will not back that up in writing. Nor will they cover her medical bills if she becomes ill.”

I asked “So have doctors advised against it, or is it a feeling you have based on info you’ve gotten elsewhere?” He responded:

“Dr. Martin L Pall from WSU sent us several PDFs of his studies on the matter. She is getting her x-rays & setting up an appointment to show the Doctor whatever it is that IPL claims to be sending us…but her normie doctor will have to be educated about what Dr. Martin L Pall or what the military have known from the 1930’s RF tests.

We are finding that almost no one has heard of microwave radiation causing harm…though they use microwaves to cook animal protein.

Also, it’s common knowledge that medical devices should not be around microwaves so all doctors should know that.”

So let’s give some context as to who Pall is. He’s a professor emeritus from Washington State University. After he “retired”, he devoted years to studying and publishing information about the possible health effects of radiation. Here’s him speaking for over an hour about his findings, so you can come to your own conclusions.


So with that in mind, I continued, “Definitely – okay. Expect something released in the morning. Anything else you want to say?”

“We’re looking for pro bono legal representation to protect us from the AES-owned megacorporation’s dangerous radiation devices & threats to use tax-payer-funded police to do the bidding of a private company who aims to put our lives at risk.

It just can’t be legal to put a grenade on someone’s home…but the way the world is going…we won’t be surprised is the police shoot one of us to death for daring to stand up for our family. There seems to be nothing but evil people with conflicting interests & money as their God and for us, nothing but darkness on our horizon. We’re very worried and saddened that our local news stations won’t respond to us or investigate why IPL doesn’t allow an opt-out. Reaching out to your we know is a long shot and with all the social media censorship…we know our company Twitter is shadow banned for wrongthink…we support the underdog…we speak up for folks…and use our business to help others stand up to power & fight for their dreams…but we know it’s all probably futile. If you people out there can, stand together…because our family are just 3 nails that stood up and they are going to hammer us into the ground for dissenting on this…please fight while you still can and support each other. We have no one to help us and no one knows what’s happening to us because of shadowbanning…this is our 2nd twitter account…started because we refused to delete an already deleted tweet where we stood up to some insane leftist saying that us supporting the 2nd amendment made us Nazis some how. They said they could “kill us as a pre-emptive strike because the 2A is for Nazis.” We said “sure bud if you want to kill yourself…(be our guest gif)…and bam, we were suspended for “promoting suicide and self harm.” So we know full well our message will not reach very far…so thank you for trying to fight the man with us.”

So that’s the extent of the interview, and all the info I have. But I want you to look at an image…

DieHardDesigns Smart Meter

They’re Vella and Dustin. Vella is the one with the implant, and the one on the left, who will be sitting five feet from the meter, all day. You probably know someone who has a similar implant. Ask yourself if you want them in the same situation… if you’d want cops called on them for asking questions before allowing a device installed on their property. If not, consider how these people feel, and whether or not this is right.

And if you think he’s being overly dramatic about the “grenade” comment, think again. In fact, most of what he’s cited is well-established. So with all this in mind, just ask why someone should have to endure trespassing, threats of police, and thousand dollar projects, to have a device forced on their home with this many risks associated? Why shouldn’t people involved in this force have to be transparent? Why don’t some programs have an opt-out, and why do some people have to pay a fee to do so? Why don’t they have comprehensive studies on had to prove their universally required devices don’t have any negative health effects for all the people mandatorily required to have them? Why can they not simply repair a “broken” meter, instead of entirely replacing it?

My thought is that they don’t mind the negative effects. The people aren’t their customers; the elites are. Elites get a constant data stream, and that’s the only price a “customer” is worth. It doesn’t matter that Dustin, David, and Vella try so hard to limit their RF exposure, by not even having a microwave oven… these things will be installed, necessary or no, and if you have concerns, you will be mocked, then jailed, or worse.

The technocracy is here.

If you want to help this family, and you are, or know of, a good lawyer, willing to work pro bono for a family trying to be free, call 317-292-7542. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

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