Thots and audits. And @TheGreatRoh!

On THOTs, Audits, Co-Opting, and the NAP

So now that I’ve gotten (sort of) a rhythm responding to Twitter here (see this, thisthis, and this) another fucking thing came up. This time, a new account is attempting to hijack ThotAudit to make it about Twitch, and others are going extreme on the issue. Debt is at record numbers, and the economy is crumbling, so what better time is there to talk about accusations of porn (read: hot women he calls THOTs) on a gaming site? Enter @ThotAudit – not #THOTAudit, mind you, the hashtag, months dead, of a bunch of snitches siding with the IRS, but one user. Who created his account days ago. And dug up a Tweet I made in November so he could bitch about it. And then some supposed “An”Caps got on board, too. So I have a lot of people to fuck up here, obviously. Strap in.

So Last night, I was scrolling through my notifications, of which there are usually many, when I saw a word which seems age-old at this point… ThotAudit. It caught my eye, and I looked at what it was, and lo and behold, an entire account devoted to it! Or so it might seem if exactly zero digging is done.

So what is #THOTAudit? The KYM entry says pretty much everything, offering “Thot Audit is an online campaign urging people to report online sex workers to the IRS so that they would be audited for unreported income.”

Now, as someone who opposes taxation (I even have a hat for sale), I automatically hate this, but the fakery here pisses me off on another level. What fakery? Oh, well this guy is lying about who he is, and what the audit did and does. All – likely – so he can get Twitch-famous. So I’m not just gonna nip this in the bud – I’m’a take C4 to the fuckin roots.

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@ThotAudit is not #ThotAudit

This is how pathetic @ThotAudit is.

I mean… this really says all you need to know about this cunt. He has under 50 tweets, and an account not even a week old, and he’s already trying to play the weary sojourner card, claiming that his will would not be met, with zero proof, only to be proven wrong hours later. Did he retract? Did he say anything positive? Nope! Just “thank you”.

Further, he didn’t reference the hashtag, because he really doesn’t give a shit about it. The tag he references is #CleanUpTwitch. Why? While there may be more than one reason, one motive is clear. Most people don’t use that tag, so he can ride the idea of TA without ever being in the tag people talk about it in, and he can gain notoriety for involvement in a less-used tag, so if it ever gets steam, he can have many of the highest-engaged tweets pointing to his account. This way, if he ever decides to go public with his name on any issue ever, he’ll be considered a key figure, even though his “contribution” to the topic as of this piece’s authorship has amounted to a grand total of 28 tweets, most in response to my followers kicking him to the curb already.

Y’all are beautiful BTW 🙂

So what “point” does he have?

“Don’t get it twisted. I was looking up people who tagged , specifically, and you came up. I replied to a statement you made about snitching. Holding thots accountable is no different than reporting any other criminal and twitch is just the new agenda.”


Yeah, no. For the reasons I already sent to him and covered here, that’s a bullshit statement. And if it is “the new agenda” the amount of support the “agenda” is receiving is paltry, and he’s fucking pathetic. But all that aside… “Action is not happening. Maybe to .5% of the thots, and even then, it’s only for a day or two. These thots are being audited” … is how he responded, so he clearly believes he’ll be the cause of any “action”. He fancies himself an activist. After a few tweets from the lovely Liberty Venus, he changed his tune real quick…

Not trying to get anywhere. Just bringing it to Amazon’s attention for extreme cases. Nothing wrong with being moral. Never thought that was something I would ever be criticized for.


He knows he’s been had, so he’s literally trying to virtue signal his way out of this. He goes from “that’s the new agenda” to “not trying to get anywhere” in less than five tweets, and cries about how he’s being criticized for being moral. Tryna play on people’s emotions, ’cause his brain wasn’t that strong. Yet more pathetic!

So back to our interaction…

“There are many female streamers who are great, but also some who are exploiting the platform to bait donations and subscribers from children,. Look at Amouranth. Still selling “premium snapchat” for twitch subs, and promoting her patreon there. It’s nothing short if softcore porn”


So I referenced something he said earlier, to prove he was bullshitting.


His response was precious… “Not going after the majority. The plan is to get the minority banned. These thots will be audited.” My response was simply this. Again. You’re not auditing. Nobody is being audited. You’re auditing nobody. You started this account days ago, and are using it to hijack something I already took down. Philosophically speaking anyway. I’ll take you down too. Don’t even try. You’ll lose. So what did he have to say?

@ThotAudit really is pathetic.

Man… couldn’t have picked a poorer response, talking to someone many have accused of relying on semantics. Oxford defines an audit in verb form as “[to] conduct an official financial examination of (an individual’s or organization’s accounts) [or] conduct a systematic review of.” Online Etymology Dictionary says “mid-15c., “examine and verify (accounts),” from audit (n.)” with the noun being early 15c., “official examination of accounts,” from Latin auditus “a hearing, a listening””. So no, a random dude reporting someone to a company they work with is not an audit, and not “relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities.” That’s Oxford’s def of “official”.

The original, authentic one was certainly auditing. A bunch of statist snitches decided to snitch a bunch of women to the IRS, and many were actually audited. This is a spiteful cuck who is trying to MUH CHILDREN his way into the conversation. His bio says what he means to do. “Fighting the good fight against streamers who capitalize on, and profit from children with their bodies.” Well, he’s not fighting anything. He prob couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. He’s not going against streamers in general, but women in specific. And this isn’t about children, because he hasn’t demonstrated a single child victim he’s “helping”. And he tries to pull shit like this, and fails miserably there, too.

Yet more pathetic from @ThotAudit

So let’s be clear about something… he’s not a child protector. He’s a famewhore tryna snitch his way to the top of a hashtag less-used, so he can ride another already well populated with statist snitches. He’s a nobody trying to be somebody, and he thought he could hit me with assessments of my character? I’d insert a laughing emoji, but I don’t think he’s worth it.

I told him I’d take him down and I did. If this doesn’t expose just how pathetic he is, I don’t know what will. Since this guy’s into snitching, maybe Ed O’Neill would want to know his likeness is being used for this, as his profile picture. I’m not gonna do it, because unlike this guy, I actually have morals. But it would be a shame if this takedown was at the top of the #CleanupTwitch tag he’s trying to platform on… a damn shame.

So why is all this relevant? Why throw almost 1500 words at it? Multiple reasons. The majority reason is this is my site, and it’s gonna enable me to respond like this, and completely detonate folks. Second though? There are supposed “anarchists” who support TA, and I’m gonna finish this by making my thoughts on the THOT and the snitch very abundantly clear, and to prove that anarchists ought to step away from supporting it.

Meet Roh And Friends

Roh - not nearly as pathetic.

This guy took the opportunity of seeing my image resurface to jump on the thread and offer his “insight”. Now he’s not nearly as pathetic, as evidenced by his account age and tweet volume. He’s not necessarily trying to famewhore, hijack a trend, or win friends by saying what he’s saying, and he knows what THOTAudit actually is, and is discussing that – he’s just painfully, achingly wrong. A guy with a mental caricature of pretty much everything as his standard, and an “anarchist” who “jokes” about being like dictator Augusto Pinochet, and throwing dissenters to their deaths out of helicopters, and a guy who idolizes only certain components of even AnCap, much less anarchist, philosophy to justify his mindset, he’s the kind of guy that makes modern anarchy look unapproachable already. Then he comes in with this…

So what evidence does he have that these people are “commies”? None that he offers. What does he have on his side to prove that “commies” are the only state supporters? None he offers. What “anarchist” argument does he have for IRS snitching? “They support government”. Seriously – I whittled him down to that.

The Not-So-Great Roh

So his brilliant answer is that anyone who supports government deserves its fullest measure of strength. No nuance, no consideration, nothing. But what does government support look like? Well, according to him, and very likely others, it looks like one thing, and one only… voting. Seriously – he said that because (according to his uncited statistics) only 40-60% vote, only that amount are guilty of statism!

Yep. Voting. That’s the only way to support the state. If I join the military, police, or become some other kinda officer, but I don’t vote, his metric says I don’t support government. If I’m a public sector employee but don’t cast a ballot? Not guilty. And it goes further than that. Participating in the global economy the easy way uses dollars, or another fiat currency, forced on the world through statism, and the taxes they generate pay the interest necessary to keep this failed statist economy afloat. Is taxpaying a factor? Is supporting transnational dictators and US empire with your wallet a factor? Is supporting megacorporations who lobby the state for favors and a corrupted legal structure a factor?

Nope. Just votes.

What horseshit. Yet the horseshit continues. Somehow, me making that clear didn’t get through to him, so I had to go harder. Here’s what that looked like.

The Not-So-Great Roh 2

So let me make something clear here. Using roads breaks them down. That’s why repair exists. You also literally can’t travel without meeting a piece of land the state claims, and in order to do anything, you have to use a thing over which they claim dominion. “Use” of roads is essentially mandatory. That’s why it’s not an argument. The dollar though? No. Fuck no. Using the dollar is an active admission of lack of willingness to use something else. We are not surrounded by a grid of dollars. Cops don’t patrol up and down your dollars to make sure you follow state rules. Dollars aren’t literally everywhere. They’re money, and only one sort. The idea that they’re even similar to fucking roads is asinine.

But my point, and a point he refuses to understand, is not that everyone who uses the dollar is exempt from the NAP. In fact, that’s his argument, taken to its logical conclusion. He doesn’t want to admit that, because it would completely shatter his bullshit, us-vs-them false dichotomy he’s trying to build. This is where I nailed him on that.

The Not-So-Great Roh 4 The Not-So-Great Roh 5So that’s my problem with this whole fucking idea. And I’m not wrong – nobody can prove otherwise. Not even him. But this idea was popular among many supposed “An”Caps. “TaxationIsTheft, but totally sick the IRS on my political opponents! They’re guilty!” Well, fine – turn yourself in. You have a device with a lithium battery borne of foreign war, bought from a company that only participates in the global economy because of hostile trade negotiations and domestic regulation, that likely has anti-suicide measures on its factory based on experience… then your device was flown or boated in through tariff zones using oil extracted in those same foreign conflicts, and that’s just your fucking phone. “And I’m guilty… and you’re guilty too!”

So what do we do? We admit that we all have a hand in global oppression, with EXTREMELY limited exceptions, to which Roh, and most other people do not apply. We cease these bullshit, petty attempts to eat our own, and realize the system wants us consuming each other so we never light the flames which consume the state. We begin looking at our neighbors as human, and treating them as such. Because without that, we’re all FUCKED! And possibly more importantly, if you’re anarchist, don’t do shit like this which makes you look just like the state. If nobody can tell the difference between you and the next snitch-ass goon, and enough people look like you, it’s gonna help the enemy. It’s hilarious that these people mock the smashing of Starbucks windows while lying to themselves and others that we can tax THOTs into our prosperity. It’d be laughable, but the time for laughing stops when you send the men with guns you claim to be against at people you’ve never met. But what more can you expect from your modern, typical, Pinochet-posting, McNuking, coptercuck? Violence is, after all, their ultimate solution – where’s the fun in a nuanced approach, when I can just eIntimidate everyone I don’t like?

Well, maybe the future of humanity not being enslaved and soaked in blood, and a world not engulfed in flames – just a thought.

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