Free Speech Absolutism: Some Replies

Free Speech Absolutism

So I’m an idiot sometimes, and I occasionally waste a large amount of time on social media. A good example of this is a recent row I got into with a “comedian” on Twitter, caping for the state against Count Dankula, or Markus Meechan. I support free speech absolutism, and mostly, this guy pissed me … Read moreFree Speech Absolutism: Some Replies

“Unleash The Cops”: Yes, Rothbard Really Did Mean It

I have so many irons in the fire that I seldom have the time to form any one of them. This is a flaw of mine, and one on which I’m constantly attempting to improve. Part of this flaw manifests itself in saying I’ll respond to something, and then not actually doing it. Well, no … Read more“Unleash The Cops”: Yes, Rothbard Really Did Mean It

On THOTs, Audits, Co-Opting, and the NAP

Thots and audits. And @TheGreatRoh!

So now that I’ve gotten (sort of) a rhythm responding to Twitter here (see this, this,┬áthis, and this) another fucking thing came up. This time, a new account is attempting to hijack ThotAudit to make it about Twitch, and others are going extreme on the issue. Debt is at record numbers, and the economy is … Read moreOn THOTs, Audits, Co-Opting, and the NAP