Youtube might be censoring me - sub on Bitchute!

Very Short: Please subscribe to my Bitchute channel. Evidence of suppression!

So I’ve been on Bitchute for over two years, and ten months, according to my “achievements” there. However, until recently, I wasn’t uploading to it. My thought was (and still is) that it’d make a handy backup in case YT decided I go counter to their interests. This was long before they threatened to shut down channels that weren’t “commercially viable”, and before they cucked to the FTC and lied to everyone. Mostly just got the account to reserve the username.

But on November 30th, I got forcibly logged out of my account with no warning, and stuck with this message, all day.

Infuriated, I reported to all who were interested in a recent vid I was releasing on Alex Booth (@Whiskey_Warrior_556) that they should subscribe to me on Bitchute, because the vid would be released there  first, since I couldn’t even fucking get into my YT.

I also tweeted this:

And this:

So what else is new? Well, in two days on Bitchute, and around that long, to when YT actually allowed me to use my account…

So now I get to see some numbers, and let me tell you… I’m fuckin SHOOK. Real rage. Authentically mad online. Why?

At 700 subscribers at the time of writing this, my Youtube video got a little under 200 views. Actually not bad – for my channel, that is. Normally I don’t even break 100. Y’all can change that if you want to, and I hope you do.

But my Bitchute has only five subscribers, and how many views do I have there? FOUR-HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE! 459! That’s about  half my best performing vid of all time (sad, I know). So at about 7% f my YT subs, I get over DOUBLE the views?

How is that possible if I’m not being suppressed?

Well, that’s what I want to find out – that’s why I want as many people to sub to me on BC as possible. Also, on YT. Anywhere, really – the point is diversification. I know I discuss things Google would rather I not discuss, and it’s about to get worse… for them. So if you want to be able to get around likely algorithmic censorship, and be subbed to a backup video site for all my content, sub on Bitchute.

Truthstream Media made a similar choice recently – in a vid entitled “This Is  Not My Next Video”, Melissa goes into some detail about how truth channels are being crushed underheel, and says she’ll be pushing some vids to Bitchute before anything else, urging people to sub to them there.

By the way, sub to them if you haven’t yet.

I was toying with the idea of running a similar experiment on my vids, and this bullshit with the feds at YT had my hackles up enough to force my hand. So now I’m doing it – vids will be up on Bitchute first for awhile, and YT will be an afterthought. I’ll still communicate with my YT audience, and since Bitchute doesn’t have live streaming yet, I’ll be running streams and interviews there first still. I asked Bitchute if live streaming and more would be a feature there soon, in this tweet, but I’ve yet to hear  back:

… so I’ll keep y’all apprised if that gets feedback. But I want y’all on this ride with me, to see just how much YT is fucking with my numbers – because from this ratio of 5/460 vs 700/191? I see shit that makes me want to stake some vampires.

Megacorporations leech more and more off the common person every day. In a world of “free” services, you are the product. RealClearPolitics posted a CBS interview where Wojicki confirmed they’re censoring people like me – conspiracy theorists, truthers, etc are part of the “controversial content” they have a 10000 person team to filter.

“What we really had to do was tighten our enforcement of that to make sure we were catching everything and we use a combination of people and machines,” Wojcicki explained. “So Google as a whole has about 10,000 people that are focused on controversial content.”

If this irritates you, good – if it enrages you, even better. You’re being spoonfed a very specific narrative by some very nasty people, and I’ll be hitting them hard soon. That means I need y’all to join me on the outlet where Google can’t fuck me up if what I do starts to not be “commercially viable”.

There’s apocalypse coming – get your cameras ready.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the end of the twentieth century and the arrival of friendly fascism. Regrettably, millions will die as before. But just think of the tremendous selection and savings you’ll gain. Of course, the loss of freedom and democracy are tragedies – I know – but consider the entertainment value contained within. And to remind you, it is you, “the people“, who have mandated this course of our fate so please come with me…

Look at the new face of power in America.
This is your future. You can never leave!
Who said tyranny can’t be fun?
Friendly fascism! Having so much fun.
What else do you need?”


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