#LearnToCode Files 1: @TeddyBearisms | #PushTheAlgo

With social media chiefs coming out on damage control so much recently, I thought it’d be funny to test their shit. It’s in that spirit I’m running two new series. The primary series is #PushTheAlgo, where I’ll be manually testing or exposing the algorithms companies use to run society. The series will include many such … Read more#LearnToCode Files 1: @TeddyBearisms | #PushTheAlgo

Chanty Morris Said Words About My Old Tweets

Being a professional Terrible Person, and a mandatory resident of 50 blocklists, as of today, I’d be remissed if I didn’t occasionally do my part to trigger the libs. And by that, I mean “post comments that get responses so long later that they were made when Twitter still had a 140 character limit”. And … Read moreChanty Morris Said Words About My Old Tweets