Want Gun Rights? Shoot The Constitution.

Shoot the Constitution

So I get mad on the internet for a living, and one constant irritant is Constitutionalism. Yes, it’s good that the common Constitutionalist wants less statism than we have now – especially the most authentic variety who supports Ron Paul, and similar people. Those people have a vision, and it’s a good one. Still, there’s … Read moreWant Gun Rights? Shoot The Constitution.

Free Speech Absolutism: Some Replies

Free Speech Absolutism

So I’m an idiot sometimes, and I occasionally waste a large amount of time on social media. A good example of this is a recent row I got into with a “comedian” on Twitter, caping for the state against Count Dankula, or Markus Meechan. I support free speech absolutism, and mostly, this guy pissed me … Read moreFree Speech Absolutism: Some Replies