The ChristChurch Massacre

The Weekly Hellscape

So this week ended in a specific variety of hell, and as a two-episode special, I’ll be hitting this hard. The Christchurch massacre was one where a right wing extremist decided to represent white culture the only way he knew how – gunning down 49 Muslims engaging in prayer. This is my take. His Manifesto … Read moreThe ChristChurch Massacre

Free Speech Absolutism: Some Replies

Free Speech Absolutism

So I’m an idiot sometimes, and I occasionally waste a large amount of time on social media. A good example of this is a recent row I got into with a “comedian” on Twitter, caping for the state against Count Dankula, or Markus Meechan. I support free speech absolutism, and mostly, this guy pissed me … Read moreFree Speech Absolutism: Some Replies