The ChristChurch Massacre

The Weekly Hellscape

So this week ended in a specific variety of hell, and as a two-episode special, I’ll be hitting this hard. The Christchurch massacre was one where a right wing extremist decided to represent white culture the only way he knew how – gunning down 49 Muslims engaging in prayer. This is my take. His Manifesto … Read moreThe ChristChurch Massacre

“Unleash The Cops”: Yes, Rothbard Really Did Mean It

I have so many irons in the fire that I seldom have the time to form any one of them. This is a flaw of mine, and one on which I’m constantly attempting to improve. Part of this flaw manifests itself in saying I’ll respond to something, and then not actually doing it. Well, no … Read more“Unleash The Cops”: Yes, Rothbard Really Did Mean It